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Semi Automatic Microhardness Testing Machine With Motorized XY Working Table Stage

Semi Automatic Microhardness Testing Machine With Motorized XY Working Table Stage

    • Semi Automatic Microhardness Testing Machine With Motorized XY Working Table Stage
    • Semi Automatic Microhardness Testing Machine With Motorized XY Working Table Stage
  • Semi Automatic Microhardness Testing Machine With Motorized XY Working Table Stage

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
    Brand Name: EBP
    Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008
    Model Number: DVS-1XY

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Standard export plywood box with foam
    Delivery Time: 1-3 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
    Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Case Hardness Curve: YES Automatic Reading: YES
    Hardness Mode: HV / HK Focus: Manual
    Working Table: Motorized XY Table Test Force: 10gf - 1000gf (2kgf For Optional)

    Semi-automatic Digital Vickers Microhardness testing machine with motorized XY working table stage


    Basic Structure:

    1) Touch Screen Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester with Auto Turret

    2) Auto Control, Measurement & Data Image Processing System


    Main Applications:

    DVS-1XY is mainly used for testing the Micro Vickers hardness of various kinds of ferrous or some of non-ferrous materials, spare parts (machining parts, forging parts, casting parts, steel casting parts), heat-treated parts, as well as effective hardened layer depth, coating or welding parts’ hardness of heat-effected location. It can also be used for observation of metal parts internal metallographic structure, collection, display and output print of images.

    It is especially for measuring the hardness gradient distribution curve of work-pieces.


    Main Functions:

    1. The turret with 10X and 40X objectives can realize large area specimen profile scan by low magnification and accurate hardness measurement by rotating to high magnification as per requirement.

    2. The system can be used individually or as a whole, with flexibility.

    3. Through automatic displacement stage controlled by built-in stepper motor and mouse clicking to have multiple control mode and realize high position accuracy, high repetition, rapid speed of movement and high work efficiency.

    4. The software can control the operation of hardness tester’s hardware and realize two-way communication.

    5. Double side movement of automatic displacement stage, equipped with safety device to effectively avoid the damage to the instrument by false operation.

    6. The image collecting device is with rapid speed of feedback, high accuracy of automatic measurement, high repetition to improve the efficiency and accuracy of hardness measurement.

    1 pixel thin testing line, with high accuracy by manual measurement.


    Technical Specifications

    Item Semi-Automatic Micro Vickers Hardness Measuring Device DVS-1XY
    Digital Micro Hardness tester Test Forces 10,25,50,100,200,300,500,1000gf
    Carriage Control Automatic Loading/Dwell/Unloading
    Focus Manual
    Eyepiece 10X
    Objective 10X, 40X
    Max. Measuring Length 900um (100X), 230um (400X)
    Measuring Range 1HV - 2967HV
    Min. Graduation Value of Test Drum Wheel 0.125μm, 0.0625μm
    Precise Bench Vice Max. Open Size:50mm

    Auto, Manual

    Objective – Indenter - Objective Auto Switch Rotation

    Auto Turret can provide rapid, easy operation array with no need of rotating turret by manual to realize the automatic switch of objective-indenter. The overlap accuracy error for center of objective and indenter is within 1μm, to ensure the accurate positioning of specimen indentation. Also, the center of objective can be adjustable and rotating the turret by manual is allowable.

    Loading Speed 50mm/sec
    Dwell Time 5-99sec
    Min. Measuring Unit 0.01μm (Under 400×, Manual Measurement in the Eyepiece)
    Operation Panel Functions Membrane keyboard with high integrated PC board, LCD screen to clear display all the operation procedures, measuring conditions and measuring data - Operation Start / Reset / Dwell Time/Light Increase-Reduce / Light Source Switch / Conversion Scale / Turret Rotation (Auto) / Data Delete, Display D1 / D2 Value / HV-HK Indication / Hardness Value / HRC Conversion Value / Measuring Times etc.
    Specimen Stage


    Manual XY Location with Digital Display Accuracy of 1μm

    Max. Height of Specimen 90mm (Auto Stage: 80mm)
    Max. Width of Specimen 110mm
    Parameters HV / HK
    Communication Port RS232C
    Data Output & Print D1, D2, HV-HK Indication, Testing Force, Statistics etc. Print after measurement or Print with measurement, single record or whole record print, three kinds of print style can be selectable.
    Optical Function

    Flat field achromatic objective lens to make image more clearly,

    Field illumination can be adjustable, its illumination grades can be set from 0-9 of 10 kinds to meet different light requirements under different conditions

    Light Source

    12V 50W

    According to specimen brightness, the light source can be controlled by computer to automatic adjust it to meet the optimal illumination.

    Accuracy Conforms to

    JJG260-91, JIS B 7725, JIS B 7734, GB/T3430.2 -99

    ASTM E-384, ISO 6507-2, ISO4546

    Hardness Value Conversion Conforms to GB1172-99 & ASTM Standard
    Dimensions (W×L×H) 196 × 450 × 468mm
    Weight Unit: 42kg(Including standard accessories)
    Power Supply Single-phase 220V 50 Hz
      Automatic Control, Measurement & Data Image Processing System DVS-1XY
    CCD 1,300,000 pixel (1.3M pixel camera)
    Computer Brand one with operation system of Windows 7, 32bit (optional purchase)


    Automatic X-Y Stage

    Drive Motor Stepper Motor
    Drive Control Movement in X-Y axis with flexible speed change through software
    Size 110 × 110mm
    Max. Movement Distance 50 × 50mm in X-Y directions
    Min. Movement Distance 1mm
    Movement Speed 1 - 10mm/sec, Adjustable
    Displacement Repeatability Accuracy Within 1mm
    Set for Stage Movement Mouse click at any point in the interface to select the point automatically, initial location of the line and movement location at random can be set, mouse click to control the movement of 8 directions in the automatic XY stage, adjustable speed, automatic reset, coordinates 0 clear at random.

    Automatic Measurement,

    Control System

    System Descriptions

    Automatic complete continuous indentation, loading, reading, data record;

    Through one measurement method, automatic rapid measurements for all can be completed;

    Modes of line, Z-shape, round-shape, Arc-shape, Point at random, matrix, self-study can be selected as per different demands;

    Improve readability of unclear indentation on the unsmooth surface through data processing software;

    Hardened layer depths after continuous measurement of specimen can be displayed in excel format;

    Testing data, hardness values sheet, hardened layer depths, max. value, min. value and average value can be output easily.

    Hardness Tester Control

    Automatic Control for Hardness Tester: Auto Turret (Objective – Indenter - Objective Auto Switch), Auto Loading, Auto Measurement Control;

    Light Source Illumination can be set;

    Select the switch of objective to reflect at the software port to calculate parameter change;

    Select or start hardness tester, the indenter switch to loading, dwell, unloading position automatically and rotate back to the objective position;

    The settings of loading by hardness tester can be reflected on the software interface.

    Control Stage Movement Pattern

    The software system can control following automatic stage movements by program:

    1)Measurement Mode(Random A)

    Indent and read any point by this mode.

    2)Measurement Mode(Random B)

    Measure and read any point, rotate at any angle to position the coordinate’s location.

    3) Indent and read in the horizontal direction (X direction).

    4) Indent and read in the vertical direction (Y direction)

    5)Measurement Mode(Line Set A)

    Indent and read the direction with a certain angle to the surface by this mode (Z-type movement, i.e. to measure the zigzag movement of hardened layer depth).

    6)Measurement Mode(Line Set B)

    Indent and read with fixed spacing by this mode.

    7)Trajectory coordinate movement mode

    8 lines can be set at the same time and every line can be set 999 positions

    Measurement Mode

    Auto mode: Auto Loading + Auto Measurement + Auto Display Testing Results

    Manual mode is selectable.

    Image Collection/


    Use CCD camera with high quality, high resolution of 1,300,000 pixels, large size original image collection;

    Various kinds of image compression methods, easy to use (Image can be saved in BMP, JPG formats.)

    Use pixel recognition technology, analyze through special Vickers hardness indentation analysis software, which takes the technology of digital image processing and calculation method of boundary segmentation to extract the boundary of indentation;

    Then analyze the sample signal of testing indentation by Wavelet multi resolution theory;

    Fit the border line of indentation by least square method to extract the boundary of indentation and realize rapid and accurate extraction for the indentation area of micro Vickers hardness test, and calculate the Vickers hardness values automatically to improve the readability of unclear indentation on the unsmooth surface.

    Auto Measurement Time About 0.3sec/1 indentation
    Repeatability ±1.0% (700HV/500gf)
    Min. Indentation About 5mm (Auto Measurement)
    Min. Measuring Unit 0.01mm
    Language English

    Data Output Format / Edit Function


    Inspection report can be customized as per user’s requirement.

    Hardened layer depth display in excel format can be generated after continuous measurement of specimens through data processing software.

    Measuring data, hardness values sheet, hardened layer depth, max. value, average value and min. value can be easily displayed and output as full-color image with hardness values.

    Hardness value, hardness sheet, hardened layer depth image and image insert can all be edited and printed including mathematical statistics and testing report of hardened layer depth, saved flexibly in “WORD” (“EXCEL” is selectable)/

    The morphology diagram of specimen observed can be printed out and saved, the micro structure of indentation and background can be reflected directly, meanwhile, metallographic observation can be done under objectives with different magnifications.


    Semi Automatic Microhardness Testing Machine With Motorized XY Working Table Stage

    Software language: Chinese or English

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