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Metal Alloy Sample Cutting Machine with Rotate Type Handwheel

  • Shanghai, China
  • 90 Sets Per Month
  • L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Low Voltage DC Lighting
  • Manually Move The Cut Disc in The Y Direction
  • EBP
  • Plywood Box
  • 768x780x1285mm
  • Zhejiang, China
  • 8461500090
  • 350X2.5X32mm
  • 2800r/Min
  • Yes
  • Water Cooling
  • Closed Structure, Large Observation Window
  • 240X232mm
Metal Alloy Sample Cutting Machine With Rotate type Handwheel

Metal Alloy Sample Cutting Machine with Rotate Type Handwheel
Product features:
1. This machine adopts the structure of fully enclosed double housing, cutting chamber and motor chamber are independent and separate, not affecting each other, safe and reliable
2. This machine adopts fast clamping device, which can clamp objects more quickly and accurately
3. Single side air spring device, moderate elastic force, switch cutting chamber cover shell easily
4. Operate the hand wheel drive motor to cut the cutting piece in Y direction, and the speed is fully controlled manually
5. Special cooling water tank for circulating coolant
6. The main parts and components such as the cover shell of cutting piece, grinding wheel spindle and clamp mouth are made of stainless materials with long service life
7. Right side stainless steel sample placement slot, improve the equipment usability and convenience
8. Large cutting range and transmission power
9. Smooth rotation and low noise

Technical specification:
Max cutting area Φ100mm
speed 2800r/min
Cutting wheel size Φ350x2.5xΦ32mm
Motor 3KW, 380V, 50HZ
Emergency brake Emergency stop switch
Cutting room light Low voltage dc lighting
Cutting platform size 240x232mm
Clamp device Standard fast fixture (2 pcs)
Cooling device External circulating filter water tank 40L, 4 pieces of adjustable water spraying device and cleaning nozzle
Cutting mode Manually move the cut disc in the Y direction
Viewing window Explosion-proof transparent engineering plastics
Dimension 768x780x1285mm
Weight 250KG

Standard accessories:
Item Quantity Item Quantity
CM-350Y 1 Water inletΦ19 1
Cooling water tank 1 Cutting wheel 350x2.5x32 1
Wrench 36 1 Cutting fluid 2 (1000ml)
Wrench 22-24 1 Horse clamp 14-27 2
Wrench 14-17 1 Manual book 1
Internal hexagonal wrench 4mm 1 Quality certificate 1
Internal hexagonal wrench 6mm 1
Metal Alloy Sample Cutting Machine with Rotate Type Handwheel
Metal Alloy Sample Cutting Machine with Rotate Type Handwheel

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