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Metallographic Sample Preparation Hot Mounting Press Machine with Water Cooling System

MP-4000 Hot Mounting Press Machine is one of the fastest sample mounting press machine in the world. It is automatic mounting press machine, touch screen control and with water cooling system
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  • Shanghai, China
  • 90 Sets Per Month
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Sample Preparation Mounting Press Machine with Water Cooling System MP-4000
Main features:

1. Man-machine interface and touch screen control, the system is stable and reliable.
2. Menu structure operation interface, simple operation, convenient and intuitive parameter setting.
3. Automatic sample preparation process starts with one key, no need for operator to guard.
4. An efficient heating/cooling system is connected to the mold to maximize heat transfer and fast circulation.
5. The preheating function maintains the constant standby temperature of the equipment, thus reducing the heating time, shortening the sample preparation time and improving the work efficiency.
6. The efficiency is doubled by inlaying two samples at the same time.
7. Choose four kinds of diameter mould arbitrarily, easy to replace.
8. Different as traditional keypad type machine, MP-4000 everything you need is right on the front touch screen panel, easy to use; New employees can be trained quickly and efficiently (10-30 minutes can get all the operate skills);
9. Heat - cooling Program manual save function, next time can load and use directly, avoid mistake and greatly improved working efficiency.
10. Automatic water cooling system protecting the quality of your samples; Automatic design to avoid forget running water flow in and damage machine / sample.

11. See What You Need at a GlanceThe bottom status bar and countdown timers give quick visual indications of the status of the press; Set temperature, real temperature, Press time, countdown time, Pressure etc all can displayed directly.

Technical specification:

Item Specification
Mold diameter Standard Ø25mm, Ø30mm, Ø40mm, Ø50mm
Mosaic programming Programmable database, can store 99 sets of Mosaic methods
Heater 1000W
Mosaic temperature range 0 - 200ºC adjustable
Mosaic time range 0 - 10min
Pressure range 0-2Mp adjustable
Pressure mode Automatic (Electro-hydraulic system)
Cooling Automatic water cooling
Operation and display mode touch screen
Working mode Automatic
Power: 1500W
Power supply AC220V 50HZ
Dimension 630 x 520 x 480mm;
Weight 120Kg

Sample Preparation Mounting Press Machine with Water Cooling System

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