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Sapphire watch glass hardness test

Sapphire mirror is a kind of crystal mirror synthesized by artificial compression. Its advantage is high density and not easy to scratch. The hardness of the sapphire glass mirror is second only to the hardness of diamond, with a hardness of 2200-2300 (seven times the hardness of steel) and a Mohs hardness of 9, which has good hardness, good optical permeability, low friction, high temperature resistance, and better than crystal Glass mirror and synthetic glass mirror have higher wear resistance. Using it as a watch mirror, its sealing, strength and shock resistance are better than other materials. Therefore, the sapphire mirror has become an identifier for top watches. Of course, its high price is also expected. If it is a regular brand watch, the sapphire glass will generally be printed on the dial or back cover of the watch, indicated in English SAPPHIRE or Sapphire Crystal. But it also has shortcomings, that is, it is not shockproof, and it is not suitable for improper operations such as bumps, heavy pressures, and heavy falls. And glass one

2020 07-09
Bright and dark field observation and polarized light observation application test of trinocular inverted metallurgical microscope

1) Sample: Various material samples brought by European agents 2) Requirements: Different materials can get very clear pictures under bright field, dark field or polarized light observation. The software can automatically measure, rate, export reports, etc. 3) Test instrument and environment E-600 trinocular inverted metallographic microscope adopts an excellent infinity optical system and modular functional design concept, which can easily upgrade the system to realize functions such as polarized light observation and dark field observation. Total magnification: 50 -500 times, optional 100X bright and dark field objective lens, can achieve a total magnification of 50-1000 times. This test uses the E-600 E-600 trinocular inverted metallographic microscope plus ES-2018 metallographic analysis software system. The software and equipment have been calibrated before the test, and the samples can be tested normally. Laboratory working temperature: 20°C, air humidity: 30% 4) The screenshots of the test are taken by the customer because there are many samples brought by the customer, and some involve the privacy of the customer’s company.

2020 07-09
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