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How do you test for hardness by Brinell hardness testing machine?

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Here take a automatic turret digital Brinell hardness tester as sample:

1) Before turning on the hardness tester, make sure that the back of the hardness tester is inserted in the U disk,If there is no u disk,hardness measurement can not save the measurement data very well. After connecting to power, the program will first initialize the U disk.After 3 seconds appears the main interface The instrument is set up at the factory,to reset, please refer to the panel operation.

2) If you test the Brinell hardness of 187.5kgf force, install the 2.5mm ball indenter according to the display or instruction manual, Push the indenter into the spindle hole, close the bearing surface, and press the notch flat face against the ram, Slightly tighten the thumbscrew.

3) Put specimen on work table, slowly and slightly rise the test table, until the specimen surface from the indenter about 0.5mm distance, press the "indentation" key, the indenter automatically fall, automatically loading - dwell - unloading, the objective lens automatic return to the front position, the screen back to the main interface.

Note: when the motor is working, prohibited to move test sample, otherwise it will damage the instrument.

%1) From eyepiece can see indentation image and measure diameter length of the indentation. Inside eyepiece with 2 lines, move two lines close together (not layup), then press ‘Reset’ key (only first point do this work after turn on power).

5) Keep eyepiece in horizontal, move two lines close with indentation right - left two sides corner, then press confirm key on eyepiece to get D1 data

6) Keep eyepiece in vertical, move two lines to close with indentation up - down two sides corners, then press confirm key on eyepiece to get D2 data

7) System automatic calculate and get Brinell hardness value and display on touch screen:

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