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How to maintain a Metallurgical Microscope?

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Metallurgical Microscope is a new type of optical and electronic instrument, which is a further improvement on the ordinary microscope, it can replace the human eye to observe things, some images or substances that cannot be observed by the naked eye are placed under the microscope for observation, and the images reflected under these mirrors are truly displayed on the computer equipment, thus achieving image sharing, electronic archiving, etc. The lightweight and excellent performance of the Metallurgical Microscope makes it ideal for teachers. Do you know how to maintain a Metallurgical Microscope?

Here is the content list:

•Use environment

•During use

•After shutdown

Use environment

The use of Metallurgical Microscope laboratory should have the function of shockproof or away from the source of shock, but also pay attention to whether the laboratory moisture, we can use air conditioning or dryer to control the humidity inside the laboratory to prevent excessive humidity damage to the Metallurgical Microscope. Another thing to pay attention to is dust, experimental Metallurgical Microscope laboratory should keep feeling, reduce dust, when we finish using the Metallurgical Microscope we should pay attention to timely cover the dust cover, to avoid dust on the instrument affect the imaging results. Finally, we should pay attention to the use of power should be in 50HZ, 220V or so. The temperature of the laboratory should preferably be kept at 0 degrees -40 degrees, otherwise, it will also damage the Metallurgical Microscope.

During use

We must be careful not to allow the objective to touch the specimen when focusing to avoid scratching the objective and causing damage. When using the Metallurgical Microscope, when the position of the center of the spacer round hole of the carrier table away from the center of the objective does not switch the objective lens, so as not to scratch the objective lens. When we adjust the brightness should not be large and small and do not over bright, otherwise, it will affect the service life of the bulb, but also damage our eyesight. When switching between all functions, our movements should be light and in place. Non-specialists should not adjust the lighting system (filament position lamp) as this may affect the quality of the imaging. We should be aware of the high temperatures when replacing Metallurgical Microscope halogen lamps to avoid burns and take care not to touch the glass body of the halogen lamp directly with our hands.

After shutdown

When we turn off the Metallurgical Microscope that is not in use, we have to adjust the objective lens through the focus mechanism to the lowest state, the brightness should be adjusted to the lowest.Do not cover the dust cover of the Metallurgical Microscope immediately, wait for it to cool down and then cover it again, pay attention to fire prevention. If we do not often use the optical parts, they should be placed in a dry dish. Non-experts should not attempt to wipe the objective lens and other optical parts. The eyepiece of the Metallurgical Microscope can be wiped with a skimmed cotton swab dipped in a 1:1 ratio of anhydrous alcohol and water mixture and shaken dry, do not use other liquids to avoid damaging the eyepiece.

These are all the maintenance methods of the Metallurgical Microscope, have you learned them? If you need a Metallurgical Microscope, you can consider our cost-effective products. EBPU ELECTROMECHANICAL EQUIPMENT (ZHEJIANG) CO., LTD. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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