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How to use Rockwell hardness tester correctly?

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Rockwell hardness tester is the world's first Rockwell hardness tester designed based on the Rockwell hardness test principle. It only needs to touch the sample on one side to test the hardness of the metal. The Rockwell hardness tester is magnetically attached to the surface of the steel. The Rockwell hardness tester does not need to support the sample, and the test accuracy meets the standards of GB/T230 and ISO6508, which is not lower than the desktop Rockwell hardness tester. The following is the use method and precautions of the Rockwell hardness tester, let's take a look.

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●How to use Rockwell hardness tester?

●What are the precautions for the use of a Rockwell hardness tester?

How to use Rockwell hardness tester?

First place the sample on a solid surface, hold the Rockwell hardness tester, press the indenter at least 12mm away from the edge of the sample, make the indenter steadily press on the sample, and press the indenter vertically into the sample until the indenter is fully pressed in and is in full contact with the sample, press read within 1s. Measure the hardness value 5 times at different positions, the distance between the measuring points is at least 6mm, and take the average (the distance between the measuring points of the microporous material is at least 15mm). To stabilize the measurement conditions and improve the measurement accuracy, the Rockwell hardness tester should be tested on the same model measuring rack produced by the supporting system.

The specific steps for using the hardness tester are as follows: 1. Place the sample on the worktable during the experiment, and turn the handwheel clockwise to raise the worktable until the sample is in contact with the indenter of the Rockwell hardness tester. Do not hit the indenter; 2. Continue to turn the handwheel to drive the pointer of the indicator disk to rotate, the small pointer from the black dot to the red dot, stop turning the handwheel, and then turn the indicator disk to make the large pointer align with "0"; 3. Move forward to add unload the test force handle 1, load, and stay for 5-7 seconds; 4. Pull back and move the load and unload test force handle, unload, then the reading indicated by the indicator pointer is the required hardness value.

What are the precautions for the use of a Rockwell hardness tester?

(1) Regularly inject a small amount of oil into the contact surface of the screw and the handwheel; (2) Before using the Rockwell hardness tester, clean the top surface of the screw and the upper-end surface of the worktable; (3) Regularly check with a standard hardness block the accuracy of the Rockwell hardness tester must never be tested on the supporting surface; (4) When the supporting surface of the standard hard block has burrs, it should be polished with an oil stone. When testing at different positions, the hard block should be dragged on the workbench, and must not be removed from the workbench.

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