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Introduction to Universal Testers

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What is a universal tester? What does this device do? Let me take you through it in detail today.  

Universal testing machine is a test device for three-point bending test, also called universal testing machine, material testing machine, material testing frame, used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials.

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l Components

l Methods of use


One of the components of a universal test machine - the load frame, usually consists of 2 powerful supports for the machine. Some small machines have separate support. Load sensors or other devices for measuring loads. Periodic calibration is usually required by regulation rules or quality systems. The crosshead moves up or down as the crosshead (crosshead) is controlled. This is usually done at a constant speed, sometimes referred to as a Constant Rate Expansion (CRE) machine. Some machines program the crosshead speed or perform cyclic tests, test at constant force, test at constant deflection, etc., electromechanical, hydraulic servo control, linear actuators, and resonant drive applications. One of the components of a universal test machine - a device for measuring the extension

or deformation of the device - many tests require measurement of the response of the specimen to the measurement of the movement of the crosshead. Extensometers are sometimes used. One of the components of a general-purpose tester - output device - is a means of providing test results. Some older machines have dials or digital displays and chart recorders. Many of the newer machines have a computer interface for analysis and printing. One of the components of a general-purpose test machine - air conditioning - many tests require controlled regulation (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.). The machine can be in the control room or a special environmental room, where the test specimens can be placed for testing. One of the components of the universal testing machine - test apparatus, specimen gripping jaws, and associated sample preparation equipment is known in many test methods.    

Methods of use

General-purpose testers are used to set up and use the detailed test methods, usually published by a standards organization. The universal test machine can automatically record changes in measured length during the test if required between the specified sample preparation, jig, measured length (length for study or observation, analysis, etc.) sample placement in the jig and the extensometer. If the extensometer is not installed, the machine itself can record the displacement between the crosshead specimens held. However, this method not only records the change in the length of the specimen, but also all other extension/elastic components of the testing machine and its drive system, including any slippage of the specimen in the clamp. Once the machine starts, it begins to apply increasing amounts of load. Throughout the test, the control system and its associated software record the load and extension or compression of the specimen. The machine ranges from a very small tabletop system to a capacity of over 53 Mn (12,000,000 lbs).

Through the above introduction, do you know a little more about the universal test machine? I hope this little introduction can help you!

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