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Thank you Turkish TUV company for purchasing our metallurgical microscope

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Domestic microscopes are uneven, with prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. EBPU ELECTROMECHANICAL always checks the business philosophy of quality for development and service for survival, paying attention to every detail of the product, and continuously improving product quality. June 2020 Won the favor of the Turkish TUV company's material laboratory. The senior purchasing manager Mr. Halil finally decided to buy our metallurgical microscope after many comparisons and careful consideration.

EP-X portable on-site metallographic microscope is a microscope suitable for metallographic inspection and failure analysis of a variety of large-scale workpieces on site. It does not need to cut and sample, and directly grind and polish the workpiece to ensure the integrity of the workpiece. The microscope base is equipped with a magnetic suction seat, which can be directly attached to the workpiece to observe the on-site metallographic inspection of the organization. Portable metallographic microscope is suitable for aviation manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing and inspection, petrochemical industry, railways, shipbuilding, power plants, power stations, equipment installation, large molds, safety inspection, quality supervision, physical and chemical laboratories And other industries. It can also be widely used in factories and laboratories for casting quality identification, raw material inspection, or research and analysis of metallographic structure after material processing.

technical parameter:
Can be used with CCD camera and metallographic analysis software;
Magnification: 100X-400X;
Eyepiece: Large field of view 10X
Objective lens: long focal length plan achromatic 10X, 40X
Lighting device: aspheric condenser, 6V3WLED lamp
Digital camera: 3 million pixels (optional)
Digital interface: standard large field of view interface (optional)
Metallographic analysis software: image analysis, image collection and magnification, quantitative calculation, report output (optional)

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