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The difference between electronic and hydraulic universal testers

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Although both electronic universal testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine belong to the mechanical test equipment, they are different in terms of drive power source, main body structure, and application scalability, which determines the characteristics of each in practical applications. Here I will briefly introduce the specific differences between the two, in the hope of helping you to better choose the right product.

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l Structural features

l Performance

Structural features

The electronic universal testing machine takes the servo motor as the driving power source and drives the servo motor loading through the control system. The machine consists of a base, a reduction drive system, a ball screw, a fixed beam, a moving beam, a force transducer, a fixture (replaceable), a measurement and control system, and test software. The main machine has a compact structure, takes up little space, and has a lower relative height under the same test space conditions compared to the hydraulic universal tester. The electronic universal tester can be used in the form of a pull-down or pull-up or pull-down test according to the extended configuration of various environmental test chambers and high-temperature furnaces.

The hydraulic universal testing machine uses an asynchronous motor to drive a hydraulic pump as the driving power source and a servo valve to drive the load through the control system. The main machine of the double-space model consists of a sealing base, actuator, test space adjustment screw, light bar, loading beam (integrated clamping jaw, built-in hydraulic clamping mechanism), force sensor, displacement sensor, measurement, and control unit, test software and other parts.


Electronic universal testing machine: 1, servo motor drive, compact structure, high energy efficiency, easy to use and maintain, low noise, stable and reliable; 2, wide range of test speed: 0.001mm/min ~ 500mm/min (10kN model 1000mm/min), speed steplessly adjustable; 3, wide range of force measurement: 0.4% to 100% of the full range, force measurement accuracy 4, flexible test space: can choose to adopt the form of downward pulling and upward pressing or upward pulling and downward pressing; the test fixture for models with tonnage below 300kN can be freely chosen and freely replaced, and the external sensor and corresponding fixture can also be extended to meet different types of material mechanics tests (such as tensile, compression, bending, peeling, tearing, shearing, pulling and twisting tests); 5, can be arbitrarily added with high temperature ovens, high and low temperature chambers and other environmental chambers for High and low temperature chambers and other environmental chambers for environmental simulation tests; 6, large tonnage (600kN and above) relatively high manufacturing costs.

Hydraulic universal testing machine: 1, hydraulic universal testing machine, subject to the oil source configuration, the test machine no-load speed is low: dual-space models ≤ 120mm/min; single-space models ≤ 250mm/min; 2, small tonnage (<300kN) comprehensive cost performance is low; 3, servo valve on the oil source hydraulic oil filtration precision requirements (5μm), hydraulic oil needs to be replaced regularly; 4, hydraulic connection piping and joint parts are prone to oil leakage; 5, the hydraulic oil source needs to be equipped with a cooling system (wind or water cooling), high energy consumption; 6, the oil source is relatively noisy; 7, scalability and electronic universal test machine than relatively poor; 8, hydraulic universal test machine for the foundation requirements are very high, especially the vigorous value of the mainframe, the foundation needs to be prepared in accordance with the drawings provided by the test machine manufacturer; 9, the whole machine occupies a large space. 10 hydraulic drive, smooth and strong power, suitable for large tonnage.

Through the above introduction, do you know a little more about the universal testing machine? Now you know the difference between an electronic universal testing machine and a hydraulic universal testing machine! I hope this little introduction will be of help to you!

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