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The main introduction of portable hardness tester

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The hardness tester is divided into a desktop hardness tester and a portable hardness tester. The desktop hardness tester is mainly used in laboratories and has the advantage of high accuracy. The portable hardness tester can be used for installed machinery or permanent assembly parts, and it is convenient to carry. It is mainly divided into portable Leeb hardness tester, portable Rockwell hardness tester, and portable Brinell hardness tester. Let me give you a detailed introduction to the portable hardness tester.

The following is a list of contents:

·Main advantage

·Main classification

·Scope of application

Main advantage

The portable hardness tester integrates portable hardness testers such as Leeb, Brinell, Rockwell, etc., which can realize the free conversion of 7 different hardness values. Features of intelligence and portability.

Main classification

Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester

The portable Rockwell hardness tester is a technological advancement in the field of portable hardness tester manufacturing. The instrument is designed according to the basic principles of Rockwell hardness testing. Under the condition of maintaining the test accuracy, the miniaturization and lightweight of the traditional hardness tester are realized, and the minimum weight is 0.8kg.

Rockwell hardness tester has small indentation and can be used as non-destructive testing to directly detect workpieces. Rockwell hardness tester is easy to operate and flexible to use. It can be used as a micrometer. All kinds of plates, belts, rods, tubes and other small and medium metal parts and large workpieces that are too long, too heavy, and inconvenient to move can be tested as long as they can be placed in the opening of the instrument; the application range is very wide. The portable hardness tester is suitable for the piece-by-piece inspection of batch-processed finished or semi-finished workpieces and can be used in production sites, sales sites, and material warehouses.

Portable Leeb Hardness Tester

The portable high-precision Leeb hardness tester adopts the internationally popular fully enclosed metal casing and is ergonomically designed. The surface is sandblasted, and the portable hardness tester is equipped with a stainless steel wire-drawing baffle, which increases the aesthetics and durability while resisting corrosion. And has excellent anti-electromagnetic, anti-vibration, and other interference capabilities.

Portable Brinell Hardness Tester

The portable Brinell hardness tester is an instrument that can be used in the field. The instrument is simple to operate and easy to carry. It can directly test large and medium-sized workpieces without sampling and can test large, assembled, non-cutting, or inconvenient moving workpieces. The portable hardness tester can be used in the workshop for the inspection of castings and forgings, finished steel, and semi-finished workpieces after quenching and tempering, and heat treatment. The portable hardness tester can also be used to purchase steel from the warehouse or purchase steel into the factory. During the inspection, the portable hardness tester can also be carried to other factories for the acceptance inspection of the workpieces commissioned by outsiders.

Scope of application

The portable hardness tester is used to measure the hardness of metals. The portable hardness tester does not require sampling. It is suitable for fast and non-destructive hardness testing on the production site, sales site, or construction site.

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