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What are the advantages of the Portable Hardness Testers?

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The Portable Hardness Testers are suitable for testing metal materials with a wide range of hardness. It is especially suitable for measuring the working hardness of large, heavy, and unsuitable for disassembly. It is especially suitable for the condition that the static Portable Hardness Testers cannot be used in the laboratory. A Leeb Portable Hardness Testers may be used. We can see its unique advantages. This paper will introduce the main advantages of portable hardness testing machines in detail.

l Portability

l high efficiency

l Intellectualization


Due to the huge volume of large metal parts and equipment on-site, it is impossible to use the bench Portable Hardness Testers in the laboratory for the hardness test. In this way, the mobile Portable Hardness Testers show its unique advantages and can be measured easily and conveniently at any time. In metallurgical industrial and mining enterprises, a large number of heavy metallurgical products such as thick steel plates, various large-section steels, and large-diameter steel pipes need to provide hardness properties according to user requirements. The use of Portable Hardness Testers can quickly and conveniently carry out on-site testing, eliminating the cumbersome procedure of sampling from large-scale finished products and then testing in the laboratory, saving materials and greatly improving benefits.

High efficiency

In the power field, the blades, bolts, and other key components of large generator sets must undergo hardness tests to ensure quality. Many bolts weigh more than hundreds of kilograms. In the past, it was laborious, inefficient, and unsafe to test hardness manually or by crane on a desktop Portable Hardness Testers. With the mobile Portable Hardness Testers, the hardness value can be measured and recorded quickly and conveniently. In the shipbuilding industry, the hardness of large hull components can be easily tested on-site with Leeb Portable Hardness Testers, and the quality problems can be solved in time. In the renovation of old molds, there is no need to disassemble parts, and satisfactory hardness inspection is carried out by using mobile Portable Hardness Testers without damaging the original molds, which is of great significance to the efficient production of the shipbuilding industry.


1. The moving head of the mobile Portable Hardness Testers improves the motion accuracy so that the minimum force value of the mobile Portable Hardness Testers is reduced from 10g to 5g, and the indentation magnification is increased from 40x to 1000x.

2. The Portable Hardness Testers can realize the non-destructive testing of large-size parts and can install a large-area working platform. Realize continuous inspection of multiple parts.

3. Portable Hardness Testers can realize multi-industry, multi-field, and testing. Such as surface coating, coating hardness test.

4. The Portable Hardness Testers can realize the full automation of parts testing. The Portable Hardness Testers has complete functions, high-performance accuracy, long service life, low failure rate, beautiful appearance, reasonable process, and simple processing, commissioning, and installation process. It can realize automatic turret, semi-automatic and full-automatic functions. The product has a large expansion space and wide application fields.

The above is all about the advantages of Portable Hardness Testers in this paper. I hope it can help you improve your understanding and understanding of Portable Hardness Testers.

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