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What is a Metallurgical Microscope?

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The Metallurgical Microscope is a high-tech product that combines optical microscope technology, photoelectric conversion technology, and computer image processing technology in a perfect way. We can easily observe the metallographic images on the computer, so as to analyze and grade the metallographic patterns, etc. And we can also export and print the images. Do you know what a Metallurgical Microscope really is?

Here is the content list:

•System Introduction


•Components of a metallographic microscope

System Introduction

The Metallurgical Microscope system is an organic combination of a traditional optical microscope and a computer through photoelectric conversion. Not only can we make microscopic observations on the eyepiece, but we can also observe real-time dynamic images on the computer display screen. The computer-based Metallurgical Microscope can also edit, save and print the desired images.


Metallography refers to the analysis, study, and characterization of the Metallurgical Microscope, low magnification, and fracture organization of materials by means of a metallographic microscope. It includes both the imaging of the microstructure of materials and its qualitative and quantitative characterization, as well as the necessary sample preparation, preparation, and sampling methods. Metallurgical Microscope mainly reflects and characterizes the number, shape, size, distribution, orientation, and spatial arrangement of the constituents, grains (including possible sub crystals), non-metallic inclusions, and even certain crystal defects (e.g. dislocations) that make up the material.

Components of a metallographic microscope

A Metallurgical Microscope is generally a combination of a microscope, an adaptor, a camera, an image acquisition, and a computer. Of great importance is the eyepiece above. The electronic eyepiece for Metallurgical Microscope is an optical and electronic instrument specially developed for imaging Metallurgical Microscopes. It allows the acquired images to be of extremely high definition and can be easily applied to any standard biological microscope, stereo microscope, and telescope. This brings great speed and convenience to observation, teaching, research, clinical, and home use. The electronic eyepiece of the Metallurgical Microscope is a kind of general eyepiece tube for ordinary optical microscopes and developed a kind of optical equipment that can replace the human eye to observe the field of view and reflect the image under the mirror truly on the electronic image display and output device. This enables the sharing of images at all times and the digitization and electronic archiving of data. The electronic eyepiece of the Metallurgical Microscope adopts a high-resolution image sensor and the optical part is designed by the State Key Laboratory of Optics, with excellent performance and compact size.

Now, do you know what a metallurgical microscope is? The Metallurgical Microscope is suitable for any standard biological, objects, so it can be widely used in medical and health institutions, laboratories, research institutes, higher education institutions to do biology, pathology, bacteriology observation, teaching and research, clinical experiments, and routine medical testing; and factories, laboratories for the analysis and identification of materials. Metallurgical Microscopes are still the most commonly used instruments in routine inspection and research work due to their ease of operation, large field of view, and relatively low price. If you need a Metallurgical Microscope, you can consider our cost-effective products. EBPU ELECTROMECHANICAL EQUIPMENT (ZHEJIANG) CO., LTD. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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