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What is the difference between a Metallurgical Microscope and an ordinary microscope?

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We know that the price of the Metallurgical Microscope is relatively expensive, cited because the electronic eyepiece of the Metallurgical Microscope is suitable for any standard biological, body vision, Metallurgical Microscope can be widely used in a variety of situations, such as pathology, bacteriological observation, teaching and research, clinical experiments and routine medical testing, etc. Then do you know the difference between Metallurgical Microscopes and ordinary microscopes?

Here is the content list:

•Infinity optics are commonly used

•Co-focal design

•Having a flat-field achromatic objective

Infinity optics are commonly used

The objective lens of a Metallurgical Microscope is designed according to an infinite image distance rather than a finite image distance as in the case of conventional objectives. When using this optical system, when the incident light reflected from the surface of the specimen into the objective again, and does not converge but remain as a parallel beam, until through the lens of the barrel before convergence and the formation of the intermediate image, that is, a magnification of the real image, and then for the eyepiece again magnified. The advantage of the infinitely distant optical system is that the various optical accessories in the Metallurgical Microscope prisms, check polarizers and other additional filters can be placed in the objective flange and mirror lens between the parallel beam space. As the imaging beam is not disturbed by the above-mentioned optical accessories, the quality of the image is not compromised, thus simplifying the correction of chromatic and image aberrations in the objective design.

Co-focal design

In the Metallurgical Microscope, after replacing the objective and eyepiece do not need to refocus, generally only need to slightly adjust the fine adjustment knob, you can make the object image accurate focus. For this reason, the optical and mechanical dimensions of the objective and eyepiece should meet the requirements of the same focal plane, that is, the conjugate distance of all objectives (i.e. from the surface of the specimen to the initial magnification of the objective between the image surface) is equal, the initial magnification of all objectives to the distance of the eyepiece barrel mouth remains unchanged, the focal plane of all eyepieces and the initial magnification of the objective image surface coincides. The same focal plane is not an inherent characteristic of the objective or eyepiece, but a measure is taken in the design of the Metallurgical Microscope to facilitate the operation of the user.

Having a flat-field achromatic objective

Today's Metallurgical Microscopes have been commonly used with flat-field achromatic objectives, and can even be equipped with more advanced flat-field compound achromatic objectives. The flat field achromatic objective provides for a highly corrected initial magnification of the plane image diameter, i.e. the image field area is doubled and the image field curvature is well corrected.

The Metallurgical Microscope is mainly used to analyze the relationship between the organization of steel and its chemical composition by examining the morphology of the tissue. The Metallurgical Microscope can determine the microstructure of various types of steel through different processing and heat treatments, so as to determine the quality of steel good or bad. Such as the various types of steel inclusions - oxides, sulfides, etc. in the distribution of the organization and the number and size of metal grain size. If you need a Metallurgical Microscope, you can consider our cost-effective products. EBPU ELECTROMECHANICAL EQUIPMENT (ZHEJIANG) CO., LTD. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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