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What is the use of a Metallurgical Microscope?

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When it comes to Metallurgical Microscope, the first thing we find is that the word is composed of "metallographic" and "microscope" each. The word "gold" refers to a metal or alloy, and the word "phase" should refer to the appearance of the phase. So if these two words are taken together they mean the appearance of the metal or alloy. It should be noted that this is not what we see with the naked eye under macroscopic conditions, but rather the microscopic form that can be seen through a microscope. Do you know how to use a Metallurgical Microscope?

Here is the content list:

•Before you start observing

•The observation process

•At the end of the observation

Before you start observing

First, we select the correct objective and eyepiece according to the magnification required to observe the specimen and install them on the objective mount of the Metallurgical Microscope and in the eyepiece barrel respectively. Then we adjust the center of the carrier table to align with the center of the objective and place the prepared specimen in the center of the carrier table, it should be noted that the observation surface needs to face the objective of the Metallurgical Microscope. If we are using an inverted metallurgical microscope, then we need to put the specimen with the viewing surface facing downwards, and vice versa if it is an ortho-mounted Metallurgical Microscope, then we need to put the specimen with the viewing surface upwards.

The observation process

We plug the bulb of the Metallurgical Microscope into a low-voltage transformer (6 to 8V) and then plug the transformer into a 220V power socket to make the bulb glow. We can turn the coarse focus handwheel, lower the carrier table so that the specimen observation surface is close to the objective, and then reverse the coarse focus knob, raise the carrier table so that the eyepiece can see the fuzzy image, and finally turn the micro-focus handwheel, until the image is the clearest. We have to adjust the aperture diaphragm and field of view diaphragm appropriately and choose the right filter lens to get the ideal image. While observing we can move the carrier stage of the Metallurgical Microscope back and forth to observe different parts of the specimen to fully analyze and find the most representative microstructure.

At the end of the observation

We should cut off and Metallurgical Microscope power in time after observation to extend the service life of the bulb. At the end of the experiment, you should carefully remove the objective lens and eyepiece of the Metallurgical Microscope, and check whether there is dust and other contamination. If there is dust contamination, should promptly use the lens paper gently wipe clean, and then put it into the dryer to prevent the lens moisture mold. Metallurgical Microscopes should also be covered with a dust cover after cooling.

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