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What kinds of Portable Hardness Tester are there?

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A Portable Hardness Tester is an instrument for measuring the hardness of objects. It measures the rubber or plastic hardness of the scraper blades. According to the complexity, it can be divided into simple hardness tester and complex hardness tester. The principle is expressed by the plastic deformation concentration of the material pressed by the indenter (diamond cone or quenched steel ball) under the action of load (including preload and main load).

Hardness test is the simplest test method in mechanical property test. To replace some mechanical property tests with hardness tests, a more accurate conversion relationship between hardness and strength is needed in production. This paper will briefly introduce the main classification of Portable Hardness Testers.

l Dietmar Leeb

l Brinell hardness

l Rockwell hardness

l Vickers hardness

l Gypsum hardness tester

Dietmar Leeb

The Leeb Portable Hardness Tester is designed based on the latest Leeb hardness testing principle and the most advanced microprocessor technology.

Brinell hardness

The Brinell Portable Hardness Tester presses a steel ball of a certain size (generally 10mm in diameter) into the material surface with a certain load (generally 3000kg) and maintains it for a while. After unloading, the ratio between the load and its indentation area is the Brinell hardness value (HB), and the unit is kilogram-force / mm2 (n / mm2).

Rockwell hardness

When HB > 450 or the sample is too small, the Brinell hardness test cannot be used and the Rockwell Portable Hardness Tester is used instead. The Rockwell Portable Hardness Tester uses a diamond cone with a top angle of 120 ° or a steel ball with a diameter of 1.59 and 3.18mm to press into the surface of the tested material under a certain load, and the hardness of the material is calculated from the depth of the indentation.

Vickers hardness

Vickers Portable Hardness Tester presses the material surface with a load within 120kg and a diamond square cone indenter with a top angle of 136 °, and the Vickers hardness value is calculated by dividing the load value by the surface area of the material indentation pit.

Knoop hardness

Knoop Portable Hardness Tester is suitable for hardness testing of high hardness materials (generally Portable Hardness Tester above hv1000).

Gypsum hardness tester

Gypsum Portable Hardness Tester is suitable for measuring the hardness of building gypsum. Place the steel ball on the test piece, measure the depth of the ball mark under fixed load, and calculate the gypsum hardness of the test piece.

The above Portable Hardness Testers are only commonly used. In addition, there are shore hardness, shore hardness, Babbitt hardness, Mohs hardness, etc. practice has proved that there is an approximate corresponding relationship between various hardness values of metal materials and between hardness value and strong value. Because hardness value is determined by initial plastic deformation resistance and continuous plastic deformation resistance, the higher the strength of materials, the more plastic deformation The higher the shape resistance, the higher the hardness value.

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