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How do Sample Preparation Machines work

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Metallographic specimen preparation is carried out in the following steps: sampling, setting, grinding, and polishing. Each of these steps must be carried out with rigor and care, as a mistake at any stage may affect the subsequent steps. In extreme cases, incorrect preparation may allow us to draw the wrong conclusions. The Sample Preparation Machine is made up of a Metallographic Sample Cutter, a Sample Mounting Press and a Sample Grinder - Polisher, so do you know how they work?

Here is the content list:

•Sample Mounting Press

•Metallographic Sample Cutter

•Sample Grinder - Polisher

Sample Mounting Press

Manual Sample Mounting Press with rotating body outer handwheel, which is driven by a pair of bevel gears to drive a screw bar inside the body to move the lower die of the pressed specimen up and down inside the rigid die sleeve. The thermoplastic, together with the inlaid specimen, is formed under heated conditions. The pressure during the preparation of the specimen is automatically compensated by a spring fixed in the Sample Mounting Press body and the pressure of the pressed specimen can be indicated by a signal light.


Our fully automatic Sample Mounting Press is the use of sophisticated modern liquid supply control technology to optimize and automatically control the steps in the thermal inlay process, thus achieving maximum sample-making efficiency while ensuring the quality of the inlay.

Metallographic Sample Cutter

Metallographic Sample Cutters are used to cut metallographic specimens using a thin rotating wheel at high speed and are widely used to cut a wide range of metal materials. A cooling device is attached to the Metallographic Sample Cutter to take away the heat generated during the cutting process, thus avoiding the specimen from changing its properties due to heat.


The Metallographic Sample Cutter wheel of the metallographic specimen cutter is fixed directly on the shaft of the motor and uses the oscillation of the saw frame to cut the specimen fixed in the jaws. The motor is fixed to the base, the sleeve is placed on the motor shaft and the wheel is held in place by nuts and clips. The coolant is discharged through a rubber tube fixed to the back of the base. When the machine is in operation, the wheel blades are held in place by the housing to prevent splashes of coolant and injuries from flying out when the blades are broken.

Sample Grinder - Polisher

The Sample Grinder - Polisher motor is fixed to the base and the tapered sleeve for fixing the polishing disc is attached to the motor shaft by means of a screw. The object to be polished is fixed to the disc. Once the motor is switched on via the switch on the base, the specimen can be polished on the rotating disc by applying hand pressure. The polishing solution added during the polishing process flows through a drain in a plastic tray fixed to the base into a square tray placed next to the Sample Grinder - Polisher. The polishing hood prevents dust and other debris from falling on the Sample Grinder - Polisher when it is not in use and affecting the results.

Metallographic analysis methods become more widely used, and especially as quality control in factories demands greater efficiency and quality in the operation of metallographic samples, it is important to choose the right Sample Preparation Machine. If you need Sample Preparation Machines, you can consider our cost-effective products. EBPU ELECTROMECHANICAL EQUIPMENT (ZHEJIANG) CO., LTD. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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