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The Rockwell hardness tester only needs to touch the sample on one side to test the hardness of the metal. The Rockwell hardness tester is magnetically attached to the surface of the steel without supporting the sample. When we use the Rockwell hardness tester, there will inevitably be some problems



[Read the information] How to troubleshoot some failures of the Brinell hardness tester in use?

Although the Brinell hardness tester is a measuring device with a simple structure, convenient operation, and high accuracy in metal appraisal work, once its long-term improper operation is very easy to cause inaccuracy in the hardness of the test, it will have a great impact on the quality of the p



[Read the information] How to judge the quality of a portable hardness tester

The real hardness tester complies with national and international standards and is interchangeable. Although the relevant Chinese authorities have formulated the national standards for portable hardness testers, some manufacturers are not technically capable of producing standard hardness testers, a



[Read the information] How much do you know about micro hardness tester?

Micro hardness tester is often used to measure the hardness of individual phases in a material or very thin layers on a metal surface (e.g. plating, nitride layer). Its value can be expressed as Mohs hardness HM, Vickers hardness HV or Nuptial hardness HK. The specimen must be ground and polished to



[Read the information] How much do you know about benchtop hardness testers?

The benchtop hardness tester has an automatic feedback lock between the lifting screw and the rotary wheel, an external RS232 terminal setting, and an external printer. It has good operability and intuitiveness, so it is very popular recently, so I will introduce the benchtop hardness tester next. H

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