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How to judge the quality of a portable hardness tester

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The real hardness tester complies with national and international standards and is interchangeable. Although the relevant Chinese authorities have formulated the national standards for portable hardness testers, some manufacturers are not technically capable of producing standard hardness testers, and the original portable hardness counts are inaccurate, and hardness testing can also be performed accurately. So, what should users pay attention to when choosing a portable hardness tester? Below I will tell you how to judge the quality of the portable hardness tester from several aspects.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Feature

  • Additional functions

  • Formal channels


①The impact device is interchangeable. A portable hardness tester host can be equipped with seven different types of impact devices at the same time; a host can be equipped with multiple impact devices of the same type.

②The punch of the impact device can be replaced. The punch of the portable hardness tester impact device is replaceable. The punches of the same type of impact device can be replaced with each other without affecting the measured value.

③The portable hardness tester is not adjustable. The portable hardness tester cannot be adjusted after leaving the factory. When the measured value is inaccurate due to the wear of the ball head, the ball head should be replaced to solve the problem.

④The measurement error of the portable hardness tester meets the standard requirements within the full hardness range. The measurement error of the portable hardness tester meets the error requirements specified by the standard in the entire range of hardness from low to high.

Additional functions

1. The portability of various sensors of the portable hardness tester. The standard configuration of the portable hardness tester is usually the D-type impact device, but due to the difference of the workpiece, it is sometimes necessary to choose another impact device, or the impact device needs to be reconfigured after it is damaged. Generally, good portable hardness testers do not need to be sent back to the original factory to be more accurate. It can be used directly with the impact device of the manufacturer.

2. The portable hardness tester measures linearity. Many Leeb hardness testers are accurate when hitting more than 700 Leeb blocks, but the low and medium Rockwell and Brinell hardnesses are not accurate. You need to pay attention when buying here. The measured value of Rockwell or Brinell depends on whether the hardness tester has good linearity.

Formal channels

1. There are some very cheap portable hardness testers on the market, all of which are produced by informal manufacturers. Generally, there is no repair ability after the sale if there is a problem. Directly require payment of a certain price difference and exchange the old for the new. This portable hardness tester is a big taboo for buyers. This kind of portable hardness tester has a short service life, and the final result is generally that quality problems often occur within three to six months.

2. The portable hardness tester is mainly used to measure large workpieces and special-shaped workpieces that cannot be measured by desktop computers. It is impossible to measure the wall of small sheets and thin tubes. If recommended by the salesperson, it is generally a portable hardness tester sold professionally. Careful consideration should be given to professionalism.

Since the current hardness tester is usually used to measure the hardness value of industrial products, it has become an important instrument for testing whether the product is qualified. This also puts forward high requirements on the accuracy of the hardness tester, so the quality of the portable hardness tester is also extremely important.

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