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How to use and calibrate the Rockwell hardness tester?

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The Rockwell hardness tester only needs to touch the sample on one side to test the hardness of the metal. The Rockwell hardness tester is magnetically attached to the surface of the steel without supporting the sample. When we use the Rockwell hardness tester, there will inevitably be some problems, such as the inaccurate measurement value of the Rockwell hardness tester, etc., so for these problems, we give the following solutions.

Here is the content list:

●How to calibrate the Rockwell hardness tester?

●What are the precautions for using the Rockwell hardness tester?

How to calibrate the Rockwell hardness tester?

The Rockwell hardness testing method is characterized by simple operation, rapid measurement, and direct reading from a dial indicator or an optical projection screen or display screen. There are many reasons for the inaccuracy of the Rockwell hardness tester's measurement value. You can try the following methods: 1. Takedown the workbench and check whether the contact surface with the screw is clean; 2. Check if the screw protective cover is lifted from the workbench; 3. Check whether the indenter of the Rockwell hardness tester is damaged. 4. When the main test force is applied, the indicator pointer of the Rockwell hardness tester starts to rotate quickly and then slowly, indicating that there is too little oil in the buffer. At this time, the felt pad at the upper end of the buffer can be lifted, and clean 20# engine oil can be slowly injected. At the same time, pull and push the handle many times to make the piston move up and down many times to remove all the air in the buffer until the oil overflows from the top when the piston sinks to the bottom. If it doesn't work, you can contact our company's after-sales personnel. Generally, Rockwell hardness testers rarely cause problems.

What are the precautions for using the Rockwell hardness tester?

1. Check whether there are burrs on the supporting surface of the standard hardness block. If there are burrs, use oil stone to polish. 2. When testing at different positions of the standard hardness block, the hardness block should be dragged on the pointer Rockwell hardness tester's workbench, and should not be taken away from the workbench. 3. When the Rockwell hardness tester is not accurate, you can change the indenter and try to hit the standard block or adjust the Rockwell hardness tester to a level and dry the surface of the sample to test the value. 4. For Rockwell hardness tester calibration, you need to uncover the cover on the tester to see if there is any obvious damage and adjust the screw between the weight and the lever.

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