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IRHD Micro Hardness Tester Microtest for O-rings

Adopted method M (microtest), test range 30-85IRHD;
Follow ISO48 & GB/T6031-M standard.
Read data from the LCD touch screen;
Test Accuracy: 0.1IRHD;
O-rings minimum diameter: 0.8mm;
Flat test piece minimum thickness: 1mm (less than 1mm can layup);
Suitable to test the hardness of O-rings, small size rubber, plastic, etc;
  • IRHD-M
  • Shanghai, Shenzhen
  • 90 sets per month
  • TT in advance
  • 1 set

This instrument is used to measure the hardness of rubber and similar rubber materials, especially suitable for measuring the hardness of O-rings, small size rubber materials. Follow ISO48 & GB/T6031-M standard.

Through the precise coordination of the high-precision transmission system and the sensing system, a single test is automatically completed under the control of the system. It with features of simple structure, convenient operation, accurate measurement, intuitive reading.

Method M (microtest) is essentially a scaled-down version of the normal test method N, permitting the testing of thinner and smaller test pieces. It is appropriate for rubbers with a hardness in the range 30 IRHD to 85 IRHD,but can also be used for hardnesses in the range 30 IRHD to 95 IRHD.


1. The self-developed O-ring fixture can be used to clamp and measure O-rings diameter above 0.8mm.

2. Equipped with two platforms to meet the needs of different sample measurement.

IRHD hardness tester

3. Using a touch screen control integrated operating system, the interface is intuitive and generous, and easier to operate

4. The servo system imported from Germany ensures precise positioning to ensure accurate measurement.

5. It comes with a micro-printer, and each sample supports 5 points data output.


Y Axis maximum testing range: 30mm

X Axis maximum testing range: 120mm

O-rings minimum diameter: 0.8mm;

Flat test piece minimum thickness: 1mm (less than 1mm can layup)

Test Accuracy: 0.1IRHD




Diameters  mm

Force on Ball

Force on Foot



Test Range (IRHD)

Dwell Time (s)







Method M (Microtest)

Ball: 0.395±0.005

Foot: 3.35±0.15

Hole: 1.00±0.15















Methods M

The standard test piece shall have a thickness of 2mm±0.5mm. Thicker or thinner test pieces may be used, but in no case less than 1 mm thick (The minimum cut surface diameter of O-ring is 0.8mm). Readings made on such test pieces do not in general agree with those obtained on the standard test piece.



The hardness test consist in measuring the difference between the depths of indentation of a ball into the rubber under a small contact force and a large (indenting) force. Then check the hardness tables and curves which are derived from the empirical relationship between indentation depth and hardness. 

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