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Automatic Programmable Metal Parts Cutting Machine Workpiece Sample Cutter

Support automatic cutting work mode and manual cutting work mode;
Programmable system, touch screen control, easy operation;
Quick clamping mechanism, easy to load sample.
Fully closed structure, transparent protective cover, operation more safe
  • CM-350XP
  • Shanghai, China
  • 200 Sets Per Month
  • TT in advance
  • 1 set

Product Introduction:

CM-350XP automatic metallographic sample cutting machine support both manual cutting and automatic cutting; It has a X axis moving table, can Automatic / manual Y-axis continuous cutting; The device can be used for a variety of shapes and sizes of materials sample cutting, it’s cutting capacity could meet the production testing and laboratory routine use of cutting samples.


Product features:

1) The main motor is driven by frequency converter, With the speed adjustment range from 500RPM to 3000PRM, and the speed stability will not change because of load force, Meet the cutting requirements of various materials. Adopted advanced single-chip microcontroller-PLC automatic control, achieved full automatic cutting;

2) Original vibration cutting mode (Feed - retract - feed), make the sample cutting site fully cooled, To ensure that the cutting sample is no longer burned;

3) Built-in 9 kinds of cutting mode. According to the sample material of the soft and hard, corresponding to nine cutting parameters, these parameters can be modified, preserved;

4) In automatic working state, Automatic feed, retract, feed, retracting speed can be set;

5) Can be completely manual operation, Not affected by the automatic operation;

6) Filtering water tank with magnetic system, When the circulating water passes through the magnetic system, The metal cutting chips generated during cutting are sucked out by the magnetic system and removed, Improve the effect of cutting the sample and the using times of recycled water, avoid clogging the laboratory's drainage system;

7) Full closed structure, Transparent protective cover, Increased viewing field, Horizontal sliding door, Simple and easy, it takes up almost no space;

8) Quick clamping mechanism, easy to install samples;

9) The main parts of jaw and a work table are made of stainless steel material, long service life;

10) Emergency stop, air switch to provide protection for the operator;

Main parameters:



Cutting piece


Spindle speed


Feed rate


Cutting route (Y axis)


Cutting route (X axis)


Cutting method

Manual / Automatic

Maximum cutting capacity

Φ100mm round rod or With special fixture the largest can be cut: 200 x 240 x 80mm (L x W x H) rectangular

The maximum length of the table can clamp


Working table size


Cutting fixture

Quick push-pull group, jaw height 60mm

Button control

LCD touch screen, buttons


Dual LED lamp

Cooling system

Four cooling water and a cooling water gun

Magnetic filter circulating water tank


servo motor

Power: 4KW

Emergency braking device

Emergency stop switch

power supply:

AC380V 50HZ

Outline dimension





Standard accessories





Cooling filtration system

1 Set

Cutting fluid

1 Barrel (4L)

Inlet pipe

1 PC

Cutting piece


Outlet pipe

1 PC

Instruction manual

1 PC

Wrench 30mm/36mm

Each 1 PC


1 PC

6mmInner hexagon spanner

1 PC

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