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Type and size of impact device of Leeb hardness tester

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The Leeb hardness tester is a hardness testing instrument. Its principle is that with the development of single chip technology, in 1978, Dr. Leeb, a Swiss, proposed a new method for measuring hardness. Its principle is that an impact body with a certain quality is The outer surface of the sample is impacted under a certain experimental force, and the impact velocity and rebound velocity of the impact body at a distance of 1 mm from the surface of the sample are measured. The electromagnetic principle is applied to induce a voltage proportional to the velocity.

Type and size of impact device of Leeb hardness tester:

There are seven types of Leeb hardness tester: D, DC, D+15, C, G, E, DL:

D: Dimensions: f20*70mm, weight: 75g. General purpose type, used for most hardness measurements.

DC: Dimensions: f20*86mm, weight: 50g. The impact device is very short, mainly used in very cramped places, such as holes or cylinders.

D+15: Dimensions: f20*162mm, weight: 80g. The head is small and used to measure the hardness of the outer surface of the groove or recess.

C: Dimensions: f20*141mm, weight: 75g. With high impact energy, the Leeb hardness tester is used to measure small, light, thin parts and softened layers on the outside.

G: Dimensions: f30*254mm, weight: 250g. The impact energy is large, and the requirement for measuring the outer surface is low. Used for large, heavy and rough forging castings.

E: Modeling size: f20*162, 80g indenter is synthetic diamond, used for the determination of extremely hard materials.

DL: Dimensions: f20*202mm, weight: 80g, the head is slender, the Leeb hardness tester is used to measure the hardness of narrow grooves and gear surfaces.

You can choose the corresponding impact device according to the material you want to test and the size of the indenter. The Leeb hardness tester of Yibipu supports all impact devices. It can be used directly without calibration and directly replacing the impact device.

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