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Automatic Turret Vickers Microhardness Tester With Printer

eVIck-1A: Automatic turret; eVIck-1M: Manual turret;
Test force 10g to 1000g, can extend to 2000g.
Touch screen display, easy operation;
Analog eyepiece, manual measurement;
With hardness conversion function;
Dual optical path, can work with camera and software system.
  • eVIck-1A


  • Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo

  • 150 sets

  • TT in advance

  • 1 set

Main purpose and application:

1. Steel, nonferrous metals, tinsel, cemented carbide, sheet metal, metallographic structure.

2. Carburization, nitriding and decarburization layer, surface hardening layer, galvanized coating, coating.

3. Glass, chip and ceramic material.






Manual Turret

Automatic Turret

Testing force

10g (0.098N), 25g (0.245N), 50g (0.49N), 100g (0.98N ), 200g (1.96N),

300g (2.94N), 500g (4.9N), 1000g (9.8N)   Test force error: ±1.0%

Hardness scale

HV0.01, HV0.025, HV0.05, HV0.1, HV0.2, HV0.3, HV0.5, HV1

Loading speed



Standard Rectangular pyramid diamond indenter (136º±0.5º)

Min. measuring unit


Hardness value rang


Hardness Value of Reading

Digital LCD Screen


10X manual analog eyepiece

Objective lens

10X (observe), 40X (Measurement)

Total magnification

100X (For Observation) , 400X (For Measurement)  

Loading method

Automatically (Load, dwell and unload the testing force)

Duration time

1-99s (each step is 1 second)

 Maximum height


Throat depth


Instrument size and Net weight

405*290*480mm (L×W×H)       40kg

Packing size and Gross weight

550x370x830mm( LxWxH)       56kg

Light Source

LED cold light source

Power Supply

220V + 5%, 50/60 Hz  (110V is available)

X-Y Testing Table

Dim.:100×100 mm,  Max. Travel Range: 25×25mm,

Moving Resolution Ratio: 0.01mm

Executed Standard

GB/T4340, ASTM E384 & E92, EN-ISO 6507, JIS B-7734

Standard Accessories

1 piece: Weights shaft; 10X manual micrometer eyepiece; 10X and 40X objective lens; Vickers diamond indenter; X-Y Testing Table; Level bubble; Flat fixture; sheet specimen fixture; Power line; Dust proof cover; Manual Book; Certificate of quality; screwdriver, Warranty Card; Accessory box 

2 pieces: Standard block of hardness; Spare fuse

4 pieces: horizontal adjusting screw 

Note: For avoid potential risks, Will remove Level bubble (level bubble) if ship by air, since liquid materials are forbidden by airlines

Optional Purchase Accessories

Image analysis software; Metallographic equipment; Knoop Indenter; hardness block; 15X micrometer eyepiece, Thin Specimen Test Table, Flat fixture, Filament Clamping Test Table

Main Features:

1. Main components adopted American 3M, Allegro, and Japanese Omron, NKK brand, ensure the instrument can stable working for a very long time.

2. Adopted one time casting aluminum machine body and car painting technology, structure more stable and appearance more decent.

3. The independent research and development of lift & down system and positioning system, ensured the accuracy and repeatedly of the testing process.

4. The optical system designed by our senior optical engineer not only meet the definition of hardness testing requirements, but also can observe the micro structure of the material, image is very clear.

5.  According to different visual habits of the operators, the strength of the light source can be adjusted. To avoid the visual fatigue for long time operation.

6. With Vickers hardness and Knoop hardness testing capabilities. By measuring the indentation diagonal length, the hardness will show on the screen directly, no need to check hardness table.

7. Industrial digital screen can direct display hardness value, conversion hardness value, testing method, testing force, dwell time, easy for operator to save the data.

8. Double optical path design. Both eyepiece and CCD camera path can work at same time. No need switch optical path. Camera can be install inside machine (camera for optional purchase).

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