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Single Plate Automatic Grinding-polishing Machine

Metallurgical latoratory use sample grinding polishing machine;
GP-1000B with touch screen programmable control, Central force for better edge retention;
Start button with key + Emergency stop button design, ensure machine safety running;
One time can polishing 6 pieces of diameter 30mm samples;
Built-in nozzle collection tank, automatic cleaning;
Support stepless speed and constand speed, easy operation
  • GP-1000B


  • Shanghai, China

  • 100 Sets Per Month

  • T/T in advance

  • 1 set

GP-1000B is a double-disc automatic grinding and polishing machine integrating pre-grinding, grinding and polishing. It is controlled by a touch screen, the grinding and polishing plate is driven by a DC brushless motor, and the grinding head is driven by a stepping motor. This machine has the characteristics of stable rotation, low noise, safety and reliability.

Users can set the speed, pressure, sample preparation time, etc. of the grinding head and polishing plate through simple operations on the touch screen according to their needs to adapt to different needs. This machine has its own lighting system, which is convenient for taking and placing samples, and has its own cooling device, which can cool the sample during grinding to prevent damage to the metallographic structure due to overheating of the sample.

It is especially suitable for the metallographic laboratory of factories, universities and research institutes, and it is the best choice for metallographic sample grinding and polishing.

Product Feature:

1. Single working plates, standard plates dimension 254mm, 50% larger than normal grinding - polishing machine

2. Force on sample- Central force for better edge retention.

3. Start button with key + Emergency stop button design, ensure machine safety running.

4. One time can polishing 6 pieces of diameter 30mm samples.

5. The base is made of aluminum alloy casting and integral molding, which is light in weight, good in shock absorption and anti-corrosion.

6. The shell is made of high-end ABS, which has a novel appearance and high-end atmosphere.

7. The touch screen display control, the interface is clear and intuitive, and the operation is simple.

8. The testing time, rotating speed and pressure can be set.

9. Buzzer facility for cycle completion.

10. Built-in nozzle collection tank, automatic cleaning.

11. Stepless speed regulation 100-1000r/min or four constant speed regulation (customer can define four common speeds for pre-grinding, grinding and polishing).

12. It can store more than 100 groups of grinding and polishing recipes for quick recall.

13. The magnetic disc design supports quick disc change, and the replacement of sandpaper and polishing fabric is more efficient.

14. The internal lighting system is convenient for taking and placing samples.

15. Water faucet with Automatic flow control valve. It can cool the sample during grinding to prevent damage to the metallographic structure due to overheating of the sample.

16. The grinding head is automatically locked with electromagnetic clutch, which is convenient and quick. (Optional purchase)

17. The whole machine adopts DC brushless and stepping motor, with stable rotation, low noise and long life.

18. Automatic centering to prevent multi-faceted grinding and polishing

19. Can work with Dispensing unit, on touch screen do automatic flow control.


Technical Specifications



Working disc

Standard φ254mm with magnetic disc

Working plate

100-1000 r/min (Support clockwise / anticlockwise direction rotating)

Four level constant speeds

V1=300r/min, V2=500r/min, V3=800r/min, V4=1000r/min (each speed can be set between 100-1000r/min)

Grinding head speed

0-120r/min (clockwise rotating)

Sample holder

Standard φ30mm 6 pcs of samples

Grinding head locking method

By manual (automatic by electronic lock for optional)

Automatic mode

Can be programmed speed, running time and grinding wheel steering switch

Timing function

0-99 minutes

Loading Pressure method

Center pneumatic pressurization

Pressure adjustment method

Mechanical pressure regulation

Samples pressure range

0-0.5MPa (Commonly used 0.1-0.3Mpa)

Power supply

AC220V, 50/60Hz



Dimension / weight

500X770X700mm  75kg

Packing size / Gross weight

560X820X800mm   90kg


Standard Accessory:







Grinding plate Φ254mm


Sandpaper with PSA (250mm) 400#, 800#, 1200#

Each 4

Waterproof ring (installed on the machine)


Magnetic disc (250mm)


Anti-stick disc (250mm)


Water inlet 0.75’’


Power line connector(air connector)


Water outlet Φ32mm


Air pump (option)


Technical documents:manual, certificate, warranty card

 Touch Screen Double Plates Metallographic Sample Grinding Polishing Machine Gp-2X

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