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Portable Digital Eddy Current Detector

Application area: Nuclear energy, electricity, oil, chemicals, metallurgy and other in-service testing, university teaching, all kinds of laboratories, special equipment and other industries.
Frequency range: 10 Hz-10 MHz, continuously adjustable;
Automatic / manual amplitude and phase adjustment;
Can achieve 8 frequency hardness, material, heat treatment, shape difference sorting;
Automatically form a test report;
The software can be based on the Windows operating platform
  • EFD-EC3000


  • Shanghai, China

  • 300 Sets Per Month

  • T/T in advance

  • 1 set

Product description:

EFD-EC series of multi-function detector with digital, intelligent, high integration and other characteristics, the system integrates an independent 1-4 channel eddy current detection system, with a strong detection function, experimental function, good stability, high noise , While expanding a variety of practical applications. The system uses the most advanced microcomputer technology, DSP digital processing technology, FPGA technology research and development design. At the same time the system has a strong data output function, high scalability, software upgrades can be achieved free of charge, can be connected to the current world most of the automation system, based on the system detection platform can be detected signal and data sharing, data collection, Analysis, storage, reading and other functions of intelligent processing, the system can be widely used in nuclear power, petrochemical, metallurgy, university teaching, auto parts manufacturing, all kinds of laboratories.


■ Multiple channels are detected simultaneously, multiple frequencies are detected simultaneously, and can be limited to mixed frequencies

■ 8 frequency hardness / material / heat treatment / shape difference and other rapid sorting, put an end to all the differences

Powerful software features can be installed in the specified system for notebook computers, desktop computer installed with detection software

■ Automatically store test data, automatically generate test reports

■ Chinese / English one key to quickly switch to use

■ Configuration long battery life can work outdoors for a long time, can also be directly connected to the power supply

■ Flexible, fast configuration / custom detection probe for different use (inside through type, outside through type, plane, point, sorting and other probes and rotary sweepers, etc.)

■ Especially suitable for colleges and universities, laboratories, special equipment inspection and testing, small batch detection sorting, etc.

Technical specifications 

◆  Detection channel: 4 / 8 (depending on the model configuration);

◆  Frequency range: 10 Hz-10 MHz, continuously adjustable, up to 2 simultaneous detection, can be limited mixing;

◆  Automatic / manual amplitude and phase adjustment

◆  The defect site can provide accurate and timely feedback signal, and can be an external ink jet marking, marking the location, length and other adjustable;

◆  Can achieve 8 frequency hardness, material, heat treatment, shape difference sorting

◆  Inspection and marking accuracy: ≤ ± 50mm;

◆  Gain range: 0.0 ~ 99.0 dB continuously adjustable, step: 0.1;

◆  Missed rate: ≤ 0%, misjudgment rate (mistakenly qualified products to determine nonconforming products) ≤ 1%;

◆  Phase rotation: 0 ~ 360 ° continuously adjustable, step: 1; signal to noise ratio ≥ 10dB;

◆  Can achieve peripheral hardware output alarm, real-time hardware output alarm, a variety of alarm window mode;

◆  Automatically form a test report (including the number of tests, qualified and non-qualified number);

◆  Automatically record the number of defects and their location

◆  Gain ratio:X/Y)0.1~10.0;

◆  Adjustable probe drive (excitation) Level: 1 ~ 16;

◆  Fast digital / analog electronic balance;

◆  Filtering factor: 1-30000;

◆  Interference factor: 0-100;

◆  With head, end of the signal cut off function;

◆  Blanking display factor: 1-400;

◆  Digital filtering: low pass (0Hz-2000Hz) high-pass (0Hz-2000Hz);

◆  The use of professional "digital filter", effectively suppress the scene interference signal to ensure the accuracy and  stability of detection;

◆  Stability: 8 hours ≦ 2dB;

◆  Non - equal amplitude, asymmetrical phase alarm area setting;

◆  variety of display: impedance, time base, A sweep \ B sweep \ C sweep \ 3D (depending on the model configuration);

◆  Unique sound and light alarm output, switch signal output

◆  With the delay, fixed length of two algorithms marking;

◆  Internal and external clock selection, by external electrical control signal

◆  Can store a large number of various testing procedures and test data, acquisition, reading, transmission, analysis, storage, traceability;

◆  Eddy current signal playback expansion function, measuring the amplitude of the defect, phase, digital value;

◆  Display: solid line, blanking, 8 frequency sorting;

◆  The software can be based on the Windows operating platform

◆  English and Chinese a key switch, operating language, online help, automatic calendar, time display;

◆  Working environment: Power: AC 220V / 110V and battery work;

◆  Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ +45 ℃, storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃, relative humidity: ≤ 85%;

◆  Dimensions and weight: 350 * 360 * 120mm (L * W * H),  4kg.

◆ Dimensions of package and gross weight: 530*450*250mm, 12kg

Application areas:

Nuclear energy, electricity, oil, chemicals, metallurgy and other in-service testing, university teaching, all kinds of laboratories, special equipment and other industries.

Configuration instructions:

◆  Host: multi-functional intelligent digital eddy current detector (flaw + sorting)

◆  Software and drive (U disk)

◆  Probes and accessories: According to the user material, specifications, shape custom (standard according to the number of channels)

◆  Standard test block (optional or customize)

◆  Instructions for use: one copy

◆  Warranty card: one copy

◆  Product list: one copy

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