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Fully Automatic Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Automatic focus, motorized XY table controlled by computer software system;
Automatic Loading - dwell - unloading, automatic turret switch;
Software support automatic measuring, manual measuring, single point testing, multiple points testing;
Edge scan / Panoramic scan function;
Can generate test report, including hardness value, indentation image, curve, etc.
Hardness conversion function can convert to Rockwell HR, Brinell HBW, Vickers HV, etc.
  • DVS-1XYZ


  • Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo

  • 90 sets per month

  • TT in advance

  • 1 set

DVS-1XYZ Fully Automatic Micro Vickers hardness tester consists of two parts:

1) Automatic Turret touch screen Micro Vickers hardness tester for DV-1AT-8P

2) Automatic Vickers hardness measurement and control system THVS -- AXYZF

Features of DV-1AT-8P Micro Vickers hardness tester:

The traditional Micro hardness tester has poor precision and can barely meet the needs of visual observation & measurement. If connect with camera and software, the indentation image of traditional Micro hardness tester always out of central position. It is very big problem of measuring and analysis process. Fortunately, our this machine perfectly solved above problems.

1) Guided by optical cross rails to ensure high guiding accuracy;

2) Fast and smooth force transmission can be achieved by using the secondary transmission force of the rack and pinion.

3) This machine equipped with most advanced High transmission ratio high precision worm gear rod, can achieve stable continuous lifting, and greatly improved the accuracy and repeatedly of the testing process. This update is very important to improve working performance and working efficiency.

4) Equipped with dual optical path, one optical path for eyepiece system, another path for CCD camera, both path can working in same time, no need switch optical path rod. Greatly extend the service life of the optical system, and make test more easy.

5) Adopted 8’’ touch screen, menu structure, and digital eyepiece with built-in encoder, just click button on encoder, the diagonal length of indentation D1, D2 and hardness value will display on touch screen directly, very easy operate.

6) With hardness conversion function, from HV can convert to HRA, HRB, HRC, HBW, etc scales.

7) With (HV & HK) Vickers and Knoop hardness testing capabilities.

8) OK/NG judgement function.

9) Both lens (10X & 40X) can used for measurement, suitable to test widely hardness range of materials from most soft to very hard.

Features of Software control system:

  1. X and Y move automatically;

  2. Panoramic scanning

  3. Automatic edge

  4. Z-axis automatic focusing;

  5. Automatic indentation measurement

  6. Generate inspection report automatically


The automatic hardness measurement is mainly used for vickers hardness measurement of various metals and some non-metallic materials, and can be used for hardness measurement of various metal parts and parts after thermal treatment. It is also suitable for the determination of effective hardening depth, coating and heat affected parts of welding parts. It can also be used to observe the metallographic structure of various metal parts and collect, display and print the image.

The system is especially suitable for measuring the surface hardness, hardness gradient distribution curve and effective hardening depth of heat-treated workpiece.

Technical parameter for Hardness tester machine:




Automatic Turret


10X (observe & measure);  40X (measure)


10X digital eyepiece with built-in encoder

Total Magnification

100X (measure);  400X (measure)

Testing force

10g (0.098N), 25g (0.245N), 50g (0.49N), 100g (0.98N ), 200g (1.96N),

300g (2.94N), 500g (4.9N), 1000g (9.8N)

Hardness scale

HV0.01, HV0.025, HV0.05, HV0.1, HV0.2, HV0.3, HV0.5, HV1

Conversion scale



Loading speed



Standard Rectangular pyramid diamond indenter (136º±0.5º)

Min. measuring unit


Hardness value rang


Data display

8 inch LCD touch screen

Loading method

Automatically (Load, dwell and unload the testing force)

Duration time

1-99s (each step is 1 second)


With 5 megapixel camera

Image analysis software (with automatic measurement of impression & variable case depth and turret control through software)

Test space

Maximum height: 160mm (vertical); Throat depth: 160mm (horizontal)

Light Source

LED Cold light source (can be continuous use for 24 hours, no heat generate ensure stable working, servicing life can reach 100,000 hours)

Machine size and N/W

540*260*650mm   50kg

Power Supply

220V ± 5%, 50/60 Hz  (110V is available)

Executed Standard

GB/T4340, ASTM E384 & E92, EN-ISO 6507, JIS B-7734

Technical parameters of Software system:

1) 5-megapixel camera provides sharp images.

2) Lenovo or Dell brand computer, operating system: Windows 10

3) High precision automatic X-Y loading platform

Drive motors

Stepper motor

Drive control

The speed can be flexibly changed by moving up the X-y axis through the software


150 x 150 mm

Maximum travel distance

50 × 50mm in x-y direction

Minimum travel distance


Movement speed

1-10 mm/SEC, adjustable

Displacement repetition accuracy

Less than 1 um - 3 um

Object platform movement mode setting

Click any point in the interface through the mouse to automatically select the point, you can set the starting position of the straight line and set the random moving position, through the mouse click on the automatic X-Y displacement platform loading platform for 8 directions of arbitrary movement control, can adjust the speed, can be automatically reset, can be free to coordinate zero

4) Z axis auto focus component


Stepper motor

Maximum travel distance

The sample movement range of the hardness tester host

Moving resolution


Displacement repetition accuracy


Movement speed


5) Measurement and control software

System description

Can carry out panoramic scan, edge scan.Automatic completion of continuous pressure, load protection, reading, data recording, by choosing a measurement method all measurement will be automatically and quickly completed;

Choose straight lines, zigzags, circles, arcs, random points, matrices and self-learning modes according to different needs;Improve the readability of non-clear indentation on non-smooth surface by data processing software;

The depth of hardened layer formed after continuous measurement can be displayed in table form.

It can output all kinds of data measurement data, hardness value table, hardening layer depth, maximum value, average value, minimum value.

Hardness tester control

The hardness tester can be controlled automatically: automatic turret (objective lens, pressure head, objective lens automatic switch), automatic loading, automatic measurement control

The brightness of the light source of the microhardness tester can be set

Select the conversion of the control objective lens and reflect it in the software interface to change the calculation parameters

Select or start control durometer indenter automatically to load position, load, hold, unload, and automatically turn back to measuring objective position

The load set by the hardness tester can be automatically reflected on the software interface

Z axis control

Z axis automatic movement, automatic focus

Control platform movement mode (Patten)

The software system can control the automatic loading platform for programming and moving, and can carry out:

1) Measurement mode (Random A)

Use this mode to press and read an optional point.

2) Measurement mode (Random B)

Measure and read arbitrary points.Rotates the selected coordinate position at any Angle.

3) Horizontal (X-axis direction) pressure and read

4) Longitudinal (Y-axis direction) pressure and reading

5) Measurement mode (Line Set A)

Use this mode to press and read in the direction of the surface at an Angle (zigzag movement, i.e. the broken line movement of the hardened layer depth measurement).

6) Measurement mode (Line Set B)

Use this mode to press and read at regular intervals.

7) Trajectory coordinate movement and other mobile programming methods

Above 8 lines can be set at the same time, each line can be set 999 positions

Measuring way

Automatic mode: automatic loading + automatic measurement + automatic display of measurement results

Can measure the player's movement pattern

Image acquisition/recognition methods

High quality, high resolution camera, resolution of 5 million, large size original image acquisition;A variety of image compression methods for easy use (the image and measurement results for storage format, image storage format BMP, JPG and other general file formats).

Automatic vickers indentation measurement system using pixel identification technology, through a dedicated vickers hardness indentation analysis software to analyze indentation image, the analysis software using digital image processing technology edge segmentation algorithm to test indentation edge extraction, and then by using the theory of wavelet multi-resolution analysis test indentation sampling signal, using the least squares fitting creasing edge line, In order to extract the indentation edge of micro-hardness, the indentation area of micro-organization vickers hardness test can be extracted quickly and accurately, and the value of Vickers hardness can be calculated automatically, and the readability of non-clear indentation on non-smooth surface can be improved.

Automatic measuring time

About 0.3 SEC /1 indentation

Repeatability of measurement

±1.0%  (700HV/500gf)

Minimum detectable indentation

About 5m (automatic measurement)m

Minimum unit of measurement



Chinese (English optional)

Data output format /

Editing features

Inspection report can be customized according to user requirements;

Through data processing software, the depth of hardened layer formed after continuous measurement can be displayed in table form.

It can easily output all kinds of measurement data, hardness value table, hardening layer depth, maximum value, average value, minimum value, display and output color image with hardness value;

Data such as hardness value, hardness table, hardening layer depth map and picture insertion can be flexibly edited and printed in "WORD" (optional "EXCEL"), including mathematical statistics and hardening layer depth curve test report and saved (WORD format) (optional "EXCEL"), also can print the observed sample topography and save. The indentation and background microstructure are directly reflected, and metallographic analysis and observation are made under different magnification objective lens.

Standard packing:





Weights shaft




Digital Micrometer eyepiece


hardness block (high block, medium block)

Each 1

level bubble


Nylon universal sole


Power cord


Spare fuse (2A)


Product certificate, warranty card


Dust cover


Printing paper






Touch pen


Software control system


Automatic loading platform (150 ×150 mm, X,Y stroke 50mm)



Z-axis movement (stroke: sample movement range of hardness tester host, built-in)



X,Y, Z controller



Brand computer



Industrial digital camera 5 megapixels



Optical adapter and type C interface



Usb flash drive (with fully automatic version software)


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