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Pipe Ring Stiffness Testing Machine 30KN 50KN 100KN 200KN 300KN

Function: mainly used to determine ring stiffness,ring softness and compression of thermoplastic pies having circular cross-section
Computer control fully automatic working process
Load Capacity can option: 30KN / 50KN / 100KN / 200KN / 300KN
High Testing Force Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • UTM-50PRS


  • Shanghai

  • 90 sets / month

  • TT in advance

  • 1 set


UTM-PRS series (Dual Space) Pipe Ring Stiffness Testing Machine, is mainly used to determine ring stiffness,ring softness and compression of thermoplastic pies having circular cross-section. It conforms to the requirements of all kinds of plastic pipes, such as structured-wall pipes,PE corrugated pipes, helically wound pipes,etc.

Pipe Ring Stiffness Testing Machine

The machine can meet ISO9969, ISO5893, ASTM D638, ASTM D790, ISO37, ASTM E4, ISO6892, ISO75000-1, EN 10002-4 standards and so on. 


1. For pipes with irregular inner diameters, the wall thickness deformation measuring device is also used to measure the inner diameter deformation. The measurement accuracy is high, and the control is accurate and reliable.

2. Microcomputer control type has advanced chip integration technology, professionally designed data acquisition and amplification system and control software. The control software can automatically obtain test data such as ring stiffness and ring compliance according to standard requirements.

3. Advanced closed-loop AC servo control system enables to increase the controlling accuracy and stability.High resolution AD sampling circuit is introduced to collect testing datum,even the peak value will not be lost.

4. Unique design of inner diameter measuring system makes specimen easy to install and measurement correct sensor.

Technology Parameter:







Max. Load(KN)






Calibration standard

Class 0.5

Load range

0.4%~100% F.S

Displacement resolution


Test speed(mm/min)


Crosshead speed

±0.5% of set speed

Pipe diameter range


Effective testing width

According to customer’s requirements, ≥ pipe diamter *20%

Power supply

AC 220V/380V


Main Accessories:
Warranted book within one-year and operating instructions.
A group of fixture(Compression)

Special deformation measuring device for ring stiffness

High-precision USA load cell offers high stiffness, high stability, and high linearity


Special Control Software For Testing Machine In Windows Operating Environment   

Computer software interface,display test  data, setup method, sample size

Can displays Load - displacement,  Load - time, Load-Extnsion, Stressi-Strain, Stress-Time, Strain-Time, Load-Stress, Stress-Dipment, Dispment-Time to display and print; Can switch at any time to observe, zoom in and zoom out, horizontal or vertical movement, real-time high speed sampling.

Tested product information: provide users  with the data to set about the products, one  time to input and re-use permanently . for  improving the accuracy, the data can be  corrected by the formula automatically.

Unit KG,N,LB can be exchanged

computer control UTM

Test standard: provide users with the necessary applications to the test, covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS ... and other testing standard specification.

Output and print report: Excel, word, template test report, can be edited customize To  show test information, including test person, test standard, test curve, test max  load etc, can add your company LOGO and company name,easy to edit.

Pipe Stiffness Testing Machine

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