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Portable Digital Ultrasonic Testing Flaw Detector with Automated Calibration Automated Gain

7 inch TFT color screen, 800*480 resolution
Support Button, Rotary, Touch Screen operation mode;
Working Frequency 0.5~20MHz;
Single, Dual, Through, Immersion type probe
Detect mode: Negative / Positive / Two-way / RF
  • EFD-500T


  • Shanghai, China

  • 300 Sets Per Month

  • T/T in advance

  • 1 set


Digital ultrasonic flaw detector is advanced type, which is touch screen, can quickly, easily and without damage, accurately detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects inside the work-piece such as cracks, welds, pores, sand holes, inclusions, folding, etc. It has been applied for electric power, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessel, steel structure, military, aerospace, railway transportation, automobile, machinery and other fields. It is an essential instrument for the non-destructive testing industry.

1. High-precision quantification and positioning to meet the requirements of near and far distance detection
2. The near-field blind zone is small, can meet the detecting requirements for small-diameter and thin-walled pipe.
3. Auto calibration function: one-button auto calibration,easy to operate, automatic test probe "P Delay","K value","X value" and the velocity
4. Automatic display the defect echo position(Depth: d, Horizontal: p,Distance: s, Amplitude,dB,ф )
5. Switch three scales freely(Depth: d, Horizontal: p,Distance: s)
6. Auto gain, peak envelope, peak memory functions, which can improve the detection efficiency.
7. Automatically record the flaw detection process and dynamic playback
8. φ value calculation:  Forging flaw detection by straight probe, can find the highest wave to conversion φ value automatically
9. 500 independent channels(can be expandable), which can input and store the detection standards of any industries freely, do not need to carry the standard blocks for on-site inspection.
10. Store, playback 500 A-scan waves and data freely
11. The DAC, AVG, and TCG curves (depth compensationare automatically generated and can be segmented. 12. The sampling points are unrestricted and can be corrected and compensated.
13.  14 built-in inspection standards
14. Free to enter any industry standards
15. Pulse width and strength can adjustable
16. B scan and B color scan function;
17. Can communicate with the computer, and export WORD. File, also the detection report
18. IP65 ABS plastic case, sturdy and durable,water-proof and dust-proof, and excellent anti-interference ability
19. Use (wirelesscommunication software to analyze data print reports, etc;
20. 260,000-color true color screen, is suitable for working environment under strong light or low light
21. High performance lithium battery, can work continuously for 8-10 hours
22. Real-time clock recording: real-time flaw detection date, time tracking record, and storage
23. Power-down protection, storage data can not lost
24. Flaw detection parameters can be automatically tested or preset
25. Digital reject, does not affect gain and linearity
26. Gain compensation: Db attenuation can be corrected for surface roughness, curved surfaces, long-range flaw detection of thick work-pieces, etc.
27. Can operate the flaw detector by software at the PC, achieving the goal of computer-controlled flaw detector to detecting

Technical Specification:

Model EFD-500T
Display 7 inch TFT color screen, 800*480 resolution
Operation mode Button, Rotary, Touch Screen
Power supply Lithium Ion Battery
Battery capacity 5.0Ah
Power voltage 12V
Power quantity 1
Working time ≥8 hours
Adapter input DC100~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Adapter output AC 12V
Adapter power 36W
Data storage SD card(16G)
Alarm 1
Working Temperature -10ºC~45ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC~60ºC
IP Grade IP65
Dimension 245*155*55mm
Weight 1.18kg (included battery)
Conventional UT Model
Probe Connector type LEMO 00
Channel Type Single channel
Channel Num 500 group(able to be scaled)
Pulse Type Negative sharp wave
Transmit Voltage 50~350V, step in 50V
Damping 560Ω
Gain 0~110dB, step: 0.5/2/6/12dB
Gain Fine Adjustment -4~+4
Surface compensation All Gain Range
Working Frequency 0.5~20MHz;
Probe Type Single, Dual, Through, Immersion type
Filter Three optional: 1~4MHz/0.5~10MHz/2~20MHz
Detection Mode Negative / Positive / Two-way / RF
Reject 0~80%, step 1%
Testing Range 0~15000mm, Minimum display range: 15mm (in steel)
Material Velocity 100~20000m/s
Pulse displacement -10~1000mm
P DELAY 0~200us
X-VAL 0~100mm
Guide Weld, Sheet, Forging inspection
Testing Point Peak/X-val/J val
Measurement Gate: Amplitude, Amplitude dB value, Range, Horizontal distance, Vertical distance, The difference value between A and B Gate
Cursor: 2 cross cursors, can test the horizontal and vertical distance, and the distance between cursors(under B scan function)
Gate Gate start: all range
Gate width: all range
Gate level: 10~90%, step: 1%
Curve DAC, maximum six curves, meet to NB/T 47013,GB/T 11345,GB/T 29712, and other standards
TCG, maximum six curves
Other functions Full screen, cursor switch(range/Height/Horizon), single/continuous auto gain(10~100%, step 10%), echo compare,echo full, peak envelope,peak memory,fast scan,outside mode,screenshot
Peak freeze/Crack depth/Gate expansion//curved surface modification/ B scan/Flat weld simulation//video
Alarm Sound and light alarm
Sensitivity Leavings ≥65dB(200mm-Φ2FH,2.5PΦ20)
Horizontal linearity error ≤0.3%
Vertical linearity error ≤3%
Amplitude linearity error ≤±2%
Attenuator accuracy 20dB ±1 dB
Dynamic range ≥32dB
Distant resolution ≥26dB
Noise Level <40×10-9 V/

Packing List:

Name QTY
1 Main unit 1
2 Straight probe 10mm 2.5MHz 1
3 Angle probe 13x13 K2 2.5MHz 1
4 probe connecting cable 2
5 Power adaptor 1
6 Warranty card 1
7 Product Certificate 1
8 Instruction manual 1
9 Software 1
10 Instrument case 1

Optional Purchase Probes:

The probe price mainly depends on the crystal size. And the frequency can be chosen by yourself in the range of 0.2MHz - 10MHz. We can provide the general angles such as 30°,45°,60°,70°,80°

Angle Beam Probe

6×6,8×9,10×10, 13×13,14×16,18×18, 20×20,20×22, 30×30

Straight Beam Probe (softfilm)

Φ6,Φ8,Φ10,Φ12, Φ14,Φ16,Φ20,Φ24, Φ25,Φ30

Dual Element Beam Probe (Softfilm)

Φ8,Φ10,Φ12, Φ14,Φ20, Φ25,Φ30,

Immersion Probe

Φ10,Φ14, Φ20,Φ25

Water filled Probe


Small Angle Probe

Φ14,Φ20, Φ25,18×18

Dual Element Straight Beam Probe (Softfilm)


Surface Wave Probe


Creeping Wave Probe


Small-diameter Probe


Plate Wave Probe


Variable Angle Probe


Portable Digital Ultrasonic Testing Flaw Detector with Automated Calibration Automated Gain

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