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Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Leak Crack Testing Machine

Support Pulse echo, dual element and thru-transmission test mode;
Measuring Range 0 to 15000 mm, at steel velocity;
Material Velocity 1000 to 20000m/s;
Gate Monitors Two independent gates controllable over entire sweep range;
BNC or LEMO Transducer Connections;
Widely used in manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, metal processing, chemical industry and other fields that require defect detection and quality control
  • EFD-600


  • Shanghai, China

  • 300 Sets Per Month

  • T/T in advance

  • 1 set

1. Introduction

This instrument is a portable industrial digital ultrasonic flaw detector that can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects (cracks, inclusions, pores, etc.) in the workpiece quickly, conveniently, without damage, and accurately. It can be used both in the laboratory and on the engineering site. This instrument can be widely used in manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, metal processing, chemical industry and other fields that require defect detection and quality control. It is also widely used in online safety inspection and Life assessment in the fields of aerospace, railway transportation, boilers and pressure vessels, etc.

The instrument can be widely used in locating and sizing hidden cracks, voids, disbands, and similar discontinuities in welds, forgings, billets, axles, shafts, tanks and pressure vessels, turbines, and structural components.

2. Functions

2.1 Auto calibration: Automated calibration of probe zero offset, probe angle (K value) and material velocity.

2.2 Flaw Locating: Live display Sound-path, Projection (surface distance), Depth, Amplitude.

2.3 Flaw sizing: Automatic flaw sizing using AVG or DAC, speeds reporting of defect acceptance or rejection.

2.4 Digital Readout and Trig. Function: Thickness/Depth can be displayed in digital readout when using a normal probe and Surface Distance and Depth are directly displayed when angle probe is in use.

2.5 DAC/AVG: The curve is automatically generated, and the sampling points can be compensated and corrected. The curve automatically floats with the gain, automatically expands with the detection distance, and automatically moves with the delay time. It can display the AVG curve of any aperture.

2.6 AWS D1.1. Choosing this standard can reduce manual calculations and improve detection efficiency.

2.7 Curved Surface Correction feature.

2.8 Crack Height Measure function.

2.9 Gate Magnify: spreading of the gate range over the entire screen width.

2.10 Video Recording and playback.

2.11 Auto-gain function

2.12 Envelope: Simultaneous display of live A-scan at 60 Hz update rate and envelope of A-scan display

2.13 Peak Hold: Compare frozen peak waveforms to live A-Scans to easily interpret test results.

2.14 Peak mark: capture and mark the peak in real time

2.15 Echo coding: display 1~9 echo display area in different colors, used to analyze the defect position.

2.16 A Scan Freeze: Display freeze holds waveform and test distance data.

2.17 B Scan display feature. Intuitively display the defect shape of the workpiece and the detection result is more intuitive.

3. Technical Specification



Measuring Range

0 to 15000 mm, at steel velocity

Pulse Repetition Frequency range

20 Hz to 2000 Hz

Material Velocity

1000 to 20000m/s

Dynamic range


System Linearity

Horizontal: +/-0.2% FSW,

Vertical: 0.25% FSH, Amplifier Accuracy +/-1 dB

Resolving Power


Sensitivity Leavings

>50dB(Deep 200mmФ2 flat-bottomed hole)

Reject (suppression)

0 to 80% full screen height


less than10%

Horizontal linear error

Within the scan range,  not more than 0.2%

Gate Monitors

Two independent gates controllable over entire sweep range


110 dB max in selectable resolution 0.1, 1.0, 2.0, 6.0 dB.

Bandwidth (amplifier bandpass )

0.2 to 20 MHz

Pulse Displacement


Display Delay

-20 to 3400 µs

Probe Delay/Zero Offset

0 to 99.99µs

Test Modes

Pulse echo, dual element and thru-transmission


Tunable Wave Pulser

Pulse Energy

100V, 200V, 250V, 300V, 500V selectable


Positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave, RF


Inch or millimeter

Transducer Connections


Power Requirements

AC Mains 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Operating Temperature

-10℃ to 50℃, Storage Temperature: -30℃ to 50℃

4. Standard Configuration




EFD-600 Host



Straight Probe



Angle probe 4MHz



probe connecting cable



Power adaptor & cable



Communication Cable



Instruction manual






Instrument case


Optional Purchase Probes:

The probe price mainly depends on the crystal size. And the frequency can be chosen by yourself in the range of 0.2MHz - 10MHz. We can provide the general angles such as 30°,45°,60°,70°,80°

Angle Beam Probe 6×6,8×9,10×10, 13×13,14×16,18×18, 20×20,20×22, 30×30 Straight Beam Probe (softfilm) Φ6,Φ8,Φ10,Φ12, Φ14,Φ16,Φ20,Φ24, Φ25,Φ30
Dual Element Beam Probe (Softfilm) Φ8,Φ10,Φ12, Φ14,Φ20, Φ25,Φ30, Immersion Probe Φ10,Φ14, Φ20,Φ25
Water filled Probe Φ20,Φ25 Small Angle Probe Φ14,Φ20, Φ25,18×18
Dual Element Straight Beam Probe (Softfilm) 8×9,10×12 Surface Wave Probe 10X12
Creeping Wave Probe 8×12,6×6 Small-diameter Probe 5×5,5×7
Plate Wave Probe 20×30 Variable Angle Probe 10×10,10×12

Automatic Calibration Digital Ultrasonic Crack Detector Flaw Detection Equipment

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