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Coarse and Fine Grinding Polishing Machine With Single Platen

Single platen automatic grinder polisher is used for metallographic labs sample preparation work;
Automatic grinding head with touch screen programmable control, easy operation;
Sample holder can hold 6 pieces of samples each time, greatly improved working efficiency;
Stepless motor 100-1000 r/min rotating, direction support clockwise and anticlockwise;
With water cooling system and urgent stop button
  • GP-1000


  • Shanghai, China

  • 100 Sets Per Month

  • T/T

  • 1 set

Product Feature:

1. Six pieces Φ30mm samples can be polished simultaneous

2. Single point pneumatic holding, no demo gripper

3. Multiple functions: one machine realizes the whole process of rough grinding, fine grinding, rough polishing and fine polishing of metallographic samples.

4. Single chip microcomputer control system, frequency converter speed control, the system is stable and reliable.

5. Grinding head with automatic / manual mode can be selected.

6. Three level constant speeds: customer can define three common speeds for pre-grinding, grinding and polishing

7. The automatic mode of grinding disc has eight sections of speed programming, which can set eight sections of speed and corresponding running time. Each section of speed can be automatically shut down at the corresponding time to facilitate users to replace sandpaper and polishing tissue.

8. Through the use of solenoid valve to control the water on and off, grinding disc under the automatic water spray cleaning device, can clean the inner wall of the sink.

9. Easily replace magnetic anti-stick disk, can complete all kinds of sample coarse, fine grinding and coarse, fine polishing processes, a plate is equivalent to N plates.

10. Beautiful outlook and good quality

Technical specification:



Working disc diameter

φ254mm (option:φ230mm, φ203mm) With magnetic disk system

Sample quantity

Standard 6 pieces of φ30 (or φ40 / φ50 three hole)

Grinding disc speed

100-1000 r/min; Support clockwise & anticlockwise rotate

Three level constant speed

V1=300r/min V2=500r/min V3=800r/min; can set by needs at anytime

Grinding head speed


Sample holder

Standard φ30mm 6 pieces (Option: φ40-φ50mm 3 pieces,other size can be customized)

Automatic mode

Can be programmed eight speed, running time and grinding wheel steering switch

Working air source pressure range


Sample pressure range

Suggestion:0.3-0.4MPa (recommend pressure >0.3MPa)

Power supply


Motor power



700 x 730 x 350mm




Standard accessories:





Magnetic working plate(250mm)


Anti-sticky disc(250mm)


Abrasive paper

6 pieces

Polishing cloth

2 pieces

Waterproof ring

1 piece

Water inlet pipe 8mm

1 piece

Water outlet pipe 25mm

1 piece

Touch screen pen

1 piece

Anti-stick wheel

1 piece

Magnetic wheel

1 piece

Power cord adapter (aviation plug connector)

1 piece

Data cable (aviation plug)

1 piece

Rubber pad with filter

1 piece

Triangle valve 4

1 piece

Quick-connect coupling SNZ08-04

1 piece

Raw strip

1 roll

Hose clamp 21-44

1 piece

Filter mesh (# 60, double layer)

4 pieces

machine manual

1 set

machine certification

1 set

Machine Guarantee card

1 set

packing list

1 set

Main interface of 7'' Color touch screen:
Single Platen Semi-Auto Grinding Polishing Machine with Touch Screen

Support 8 segments programs:
Single Platen Semi-Auto Grinding Polishing Machine with Touch Screen

Setting Interface of user friendly color touch screen: 
Single Platen Semi-Auto Grinding Polishing Machine with Touch Screen

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