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Large Cutting Space Automatic Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine For Metal

Programmable system, touch screen control, easy operation;
Quick clamping mechanism, easy to load sample.
Support automatic cutting work mode and manual cutting work mode;
Fully closed structure, transparent protective cover, operation more safe
  • CM-4


  • Shanghai, China

  • 200 Sets Per Month

  • TT in advance

  • 1 set

This machine is a PLC controlled automatic metallographic sample cutting machine, with X, Y, Z directions automatically and precisely controlled. With intelligent cutting, the amount of feed can be adjusted depending on the material’s hardness to achieve the fastest cutting effect. Cutting speed is frequency conversion controlled, which has very high reliability and control ability. 


(1) Free conversion between electronic hand wheel and automatic control. 

(2) The touch screen displays various cutting data. 

(3) Precise positioning. 

(4) Swing cutting and continuous cutting two cutting ways, according to the material’s hardness, it can change the cutting speed to achieve the fast cutting effect. 

(5) In order to make the cutting room easy to clean and ensure the safety of spindle motor, we adopt mechanical and electrical separation. 

(6) There is a large observation window on the cutting room security cover, makes the user easy to observe the entire process of cutting samples. 

(7)Installed LED lights in the cutting room, it achieves effective lighting for the entire area of the cutting room. 

(8) The indoor ventilation fan can ensure the efficient flow discharge of various steam and smoke caused by the cutting and increases the indoor brightness and clarity. 

(9) The design is more humane, using the principles of ergonomics. 

(10) The machine with low noise, easy to operate, beautiful appearance, safe to use, therefore it is one of the ideal equipment for laboratory sample preparation.

The body form: vertical. Mainly composed of upper (safety cover), middle (frame), right sliding door, side door, the lower frame (electrical box, tool box), fixture, rinsing tap, cooling water tank (independent).

It adopts frequency conversion motor, direct cutting disc, stepless speed regulation, concise design and solid structure. The direct driving provides the transmission between the motor and the cutting disc, and ensures the high efficiency, low noise, less maintenance and longer service life.

Design of special cutting for large workpieces, it makes the maintenance of machine parts and processing of large workpieces easier. Sliding door and hinged door makes you have more space and unlimited access, more convenient for you to place the large workpiece in the right position. You can put the workpiece into the cutting room from three directions (up, front and left).

The work area adopts totally enclosed structure and a transparent protective cover for the observation of cutting. Equipped with a cooling water tank for storing cooling liquid, do avoid using tap water as cooling liquid. After the cutting work is finished, use the left rinsing tap to rinse the indoor garbage and then close the safety door.


Main Parameters:



Control Mode

Manual / Automatic, three axis linkage, 10 inch touch screen control, Can be switched to the operating handle wheel


Automatic drain system, alarm system, double LED lighting, red laser positioning

Feeding Speed

3mm/min, 5mm/min, 8mm/min, 12mm/min (users may modify the set speed according to requirement)

Cutting Disc Size

Φ380×2.8×Φ32 mm

Φ400×3×Φ32 mm

Φ400×3×Φ32 mm

Work Table Dimension (X*Y)

450×350 mm

485×400 mm

530×630 mm

Y axis Maximum Travel Distance

250 mm

300 mm

420 mm

X axis Maximum Travel Distance

100 mm

100 mm

110 mm

Z axis Maximum Travel Distance

200 mm

230 mm

230 mm

Max. Cutting  Section

120×120 mm

200×150 mm

300×150 mm

Fixture Caliber

120 mm


300 mm

Frequency Conversion Motor

5.5kw, Rotating speed: 500-2800 r/min

7.5kw, Rotating speed: 500-2800 r/min

7.5kw, Rotating speed: 500-2800 r/min

Feeding Motor

Servo motor

Servo motor

Servo motor

Volume of the Water Tank












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